Labor Day Deals

No time to explain. Let's just get it to!

Btw yes this post does hold links and affiliate links. Some of these links do give me a commission when you pay for a product.


Amazon's Echo Show is 129.99. You save $100 on this deal.

On Walmart the Google home is 99.00 from $129.00.

That is a really good deal, seeing as how is paid the same price for the Mini around Thanksgiving last year.

Hotest deals on Clothing

Forever 21- takes an extra 50% off any selected sales item.

Nine West- Has a 50% off sale on their sandals.

Saks Fifth Avenue- is holding a sale between the 30th of August and 3rd of September. Selected items are 80% off.

Urban Outfitters- they will take off an extra 30% off any item that is on sale.


Chick-fil-A. Free 8-piece chicken nuggets through August 30th- September 29th. When you signing in or creating an account. The free nuggets will appear under the "My Rewards" section. For more information about the Chick-fil-A One membership, CLICK HERE.

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