Investment piece I have been missing out on.

Hey babes. I was still partying from my "Birthyear" that's why I have been late to upload but anyways. How are you all.

You saw the photo and I know you are probably asking.
Why are you wearing as jacket let alone buying one.

Well for two reasons:


Some have said that it is better to buy a winter items in the summer because the prices are lower.


People are less likely to buy anything from any other season than the current one they are in.
That may sound a bit confusing, so let me give you a real example.

United States is currently going the heat wave from experiencing a very hot summer. Those in the US are more open to shop for bikinis, back to school attire and loosely fitting clothes.

I guess the downside when shopping for winter items is that there aren't many. Which isn't really true. Seeing as you can easily shop for items online too.

This is also an investment because I can wear this with upcoming outfits for fall/winter season.

Rose gold Choker is from Rue21
Bomber Jacket -Out of Stock- This is sort of similar



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