How To Style Plaid For The Fall-Mini Guide

Is plaid overrated or underrated?

Plaid for the fall might be overrated for some as this trend comes back year after year after year. Only to be highlighted then forgotten when spring flowers start to blossom. Yet, it is a very versatile print that can be worn in a vary of different styles. Recently wearing plaid myself , I think it is more underrated because it becomes so synonymous with a trend. Some people will jump on it, others will wear it regardless of a season, and a few abhor it. Either of the way the pattern looks or the fact that it falls under a trend

The Love Affair

With heeled boots being another essential for fall. It is easy to see why they are a favored. It gives any attire a chic, sophisticated or sexy edge that is commanded by the design and color of the shoes. With that being said, boots are a neat way to play up plaid. Starting off with the neutral colors can help give plaid a chance to shine on it's own. Dressup ButterCup wore some grey boots that stretch over her knees. The rest of her attire/accessories is of light or neutral tones that compliment her ruffled plaid skirt.

By Dressup ButterCup

Drop Red Gorgeous

Red dress vs The Curved Shoulder

Burgundy is one of the colors that is never going to go out of style even as the leaves change. Falling from the limbs of branches only to bloom in the color green next season. With plaid being used in a asymmetrical or a daring style this color. Has no choice but to stand out on its own.

Plaid and leather can go together

Adorned with Love wore a long sleeve rails plaid shirt paring it with skirt. Is a different way that I have seen plaid being worn. I see more of this with skin tight leather pants. How dare she wear a blue toned plaid with a mini skirt. Who told her she could be so fashionable.


This is just a different way to view the pattern of plaid. Hopefully this ignites your inspiration for fall outfits.



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