How To Find Your Own Mentor.

Hey all, when it comes to building your own personal empire. It doesn't come with a premade map that is guaranteed to work.

Now don't worry because the truth is. As long as you know what your end goal is and continually make moves. Then it's bound to be achieved.

Even though this is about mentors.
You don't have to have a mentor actually achieve your goals but you do have to be completely driven. To do so. Yet, the benefits of having a mentor are endless and I'll give you what 3 the most important ones are.

1.Mentors help you keep track when achieving your goal.

When you set a definite goal and share it with your mentor. You open up a relationship that is bound by words and faith because the mentor will keep you accountable for that goal.

2.They will cheer you on to achieve more while instilling self-discipline.

They tend to push you. Leading you set higher goals than before. Ones that get you out of that comfort zone in the mind.

Switching to a growth mindset, all the while carving the importance of self discipline. Inorder to make sure you continuously take action.

3.Mentors strengthen our weakness.

We all have weakness that we may or may not be awear of. With having someone there by yourside. They get a glimpse to view the you in a business aspect.

Do you tend to strain when it comes to giving feedback?

Having a difficult time trying to keep up with goals?

When it comes to negotiate for a price with a client, do you end up selling yourself short?

Welp, that is about to change because there will be a lot of criticism.That you never even considered thinking it was a problem until it was brought up from a mentor.

These people can be someone with the work experience that you want to embody. For you own profession. Find them through:

•Networking at events

•Online through websites



This can be through volunteering. Or setting time to email owners to chat over a coffee break. Networking does sound difficult but it's not. Just look at it as communicating with a friend over the same thing that interest the both of you.


"What is SCORE?
SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, with more than 10,000 volunteers in 300 chapters.
As a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE has helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs through mentoring, workshops and educational resources since 1964." From their very own site.
They have free webinars that are produces weekly and many other options. That can get you in touch with a mentor.


It helps public school students get in touch. With a mentor of their own choice.
For the safety of the student, they do run back ground check on soon to be mentors. As well as monitoring any communication between the student and mentor within the ICouldbe system. That are used to connect the mentor to the mentee.


Having a mentor does have to be some one in person. You can review videos from entrepreneurs and in given field. That interest you.

Here are some of the ones that keep my head on straight:

Dan Lok

Gary Vee

Erin Henry

Jane Lu

Karin Bohn
Hopefully this will post jump start you into pursuing a mentor.



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