Friday Highlights

I just wanted to let you all know. That this post does hold a few affiliate links that I may get a commission from.

Yesterday, today is now Saturday where I am. Getting ready to head to La la Land( my bed). While mainly being an earliy bird I have been doing alot of late nights recently.  Some nightly binge reading is to account for that.
Anyways back to yesterday.

Calm and cooling winds breezes through the air. As the day shifts to night, bring all the life of the city alive.

This was my opportunity to tour the city alone. Later on as time came closer to 11 pm. My mom and I caught a late night viewing of Mission Impossible and really enjoyed it.

This is just another one to add to the summer collection of chic dresses. To wear for any occasion.

For the patience I have to find and link dresses and outfits correctly. So you guys can wear the same stuff and add your own little twist to it.

I m trying to say. I have alot but for some reason I couldn't find this Charlotte Russ dress. You best believe I  did include some alternatives.

This version is a long sleeve dress with more of a professional edge to it.

This is a more laid back version.
Lots of love,



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