Colorful Black

This is a very short "dress".

I say "dress" because it was found in that category while searching through the garments hanging on the racks.
That are bound to make me spend more time in this one store.

As usually I like it.
Enjoying the whole process of the various music blaring from hidden speakers, clothes, shoes and even the interior layout of the store.
This time I had very clear missionin mind. To try to find a single black dress with cotton fabric.

The best part about the short "dress" is. That I can wear denim shorts and pink scandal with this.

Transforming the some what scandalous attire to be a causal.
On the more personal side of it.

When I wore my bra with it. It was a better way to hold up the halter design. Because without it, the clothing would slip down .Using this a safety pins.

So here's a tip for the ladies, buying a bra in the common colors Is a great investment. Not only can you wear it under certain clothing.

Like a sheer blouse, whether that blouse has
long sleeves or short doesn't matter.
What does matter is the fact that a bra of the same color.

Can easily blend in with the garment you wear and no one knows about it, only you do.

Dress is from Op

Black chocker and leaves of bronze Ring is from Rue21


I can't believe that summer is close to being over... Ugh, but don't worry about it to much loves. We can still celebrate the weekends.



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