Casual Punk Pink

Hey all, as the sun ascends on relaxing Wednesday evening I thought I should take this time to show you my twist on a girly girl outfit. Yes this post does contain affiliate links.

This blouse is sheer enough to show the nude tank top that I selected for this look but it conceals the spaghetti straps. Oddly enough, the top seems as pink as my shorts. When I was selecting this outfit I became inspired by the burst of pinkish tones that fills the blue skies at times.

Getting together to run out the door. I caught a glimpse of that attire in the mirror and it donned on me.

It was too pink  and believe me when I say that. Paring a hot pink camisole with pink shorts and neon pink sandals. Seems a tad bit to strong and with no contrasting colors.
So, this is the after effect of a No,no ,no , and finally Yes.

Thought out process that took me only 5 minutes,heap of clothes, and a messy room. To pull together.

I decide to wear this skull blouse because it gave a variance to the soft hues of tan and pink.

Causing the reds ,greens and  salmon colors on the thin jacket to standout rather than take away from the existing tone of my shorts. The white skulls are on another level, when it comes to the flowers forming its way around them + the color black as its background. It is sure to be bold.

Tips on spiffing up an outfit that maybe to girly girl for your taste.

How some type of texture that can contrast with it. Think of a studded belt or ripped jeans of any color.

When it comes to the shoes, the first thing in your mind should be comfort. This could be black high tops or ankle to mid length boots.

Sheer Skull Blouse is from the Penelope Project-I found this one on PoshMark

Tan Tank Top is from Walmart

Pink Shorts are by YMI

If you are feeling inspired then here are some sheer blouse alternatives. –AliExpress –Neiman Marcus –Poshmark


Have a wonderful night.





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