Black For The Summer

As the soothing blue hues turn into dawn. The first thing I used to do is glance at my phone. Making sure that the post for that day is look great enough to be published.

I know this may sound a little dull to the reader, but from the writer/blogger it is what makes a blog look great. Because of the content. The downside that I have seen with checking the phone in the mourning is.

That I tend to stay on the device alot more longer than if I meditate /draw/journal or do anything that doesn't involve a screen, in the minutes after my mind wakes up. I believe that everyone does this from time to time and even more often than they think.

In the age of technology where every year that goes by get more and more advance. Succeeding their past products.

It becomes so easy for us to get wrapped up in that little computer in your pocket. That ends up draining us if we don't exerciser discipline. Our mental stamina will be depleted just like the battery life on our phones.

So.... after that deep thought and somewhat of a small fit. I started slow to change my morning habits to include ways to empower. Myself though out the day. As in making my bed first thing in the morning. It is so simple at yet, very powerful.

Since I was able to accomplished this so called" small deed" in the mourning. Now going through the day to do other things on my list will be easier to commit to and accomplish. This informative article from Business Insider can explain why. This site list 5 reasons to make up bed up.

With that said , let get to what your all have been waiting for. My quick OoTD for the Fridays. Even with the heat, I couldn't help to got back to wearing something black.

This simplest of accessories can stand out against black. To make and outfit look more chic, elegant, or causal. So take advantage of solids as we head into the season of fall.

Purse is from Rampage

Black Under Shirt is From Gap

Necklace was a gift but I was able to find one that was close to. The jewelry piece I am wearing one Etsy


P.S this skirt is actually a dress. I just made it into a skirt.





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