7 Ways that Adults Can Earn Money-Summer Edition

Just ahead up this post holds a lot of affiliate links to help you all out when it come to trying to find the topics I am talking about.

Hey everyone. This is the final post in this fun series that can help you make extra dough through this sweltering Summer. As you know by now, that there are many ways to make money. Here is a great list of only a few ways to do just that.


Taking beautiful photos and sharing them with he world can bring you a few coins too.I left a link showing you all the places that you are able to do so.


Shop and Earn

Make money back with theses apps



-Drop IoS / Android

-Receipt Hog IoS / Andriod


Text Books

If you have old text books laying around. Bookscouter and the others that I have listed below will help you give the books away. Leading you to earn some money.




Passive Ways

Affiliate links

ShopStyle,RStyle and Amazon are just a tiny bit of all the affiliate programs out there. When it comes to these, try to find one that fit in your niche. If you are sending out emails or signing up to join with some programs. The chance of them accenting you is about the same as them rejecting you. 50/50. When that happens don't let it get you down, look for other ones. Also try to reapply in the next months that they give you.

Creating a course

Let's say that That you have a very successful travel blog. With 400,000 pages views per week and you have an active community. Note* You don't have to have these things to be successful or even create a course. There are some people that have created successful courses before having a blog or a social media account.

Heading back to the story though, people leave you comments wanting to learn about how you got so many page views. What are SEO's, how do you take pictures, what camera do you use, and how should they start blogging themselves. Creating a course can guide them to do the things that achieved you a successful blog.

Creating and selling

There are many streams of websites and apps to sell the stuff that you have created. Even PoshMark has a way for designers to market their shoes, clothing, and accessories inside those app.Here are just some other apps/websites that you may or may not have heard about.

Etsy of course

Amazon Handmade

Big Cartel



When it comes to investing. It is way better to learn about the company, the companies past, its current owners and above all else. How to actually invest! Learn is a free application that can do that. Android Version here

*Here is a small list of temp jobs

TaskRabbit Being handy is a big benefit when it comes to this website. They will connect you safely with people who have difficulty handling task around the house. Fixing a broken shower head, putting a TV stand together or even packing to help them move.





-Shopping for others

Remember when you are out there collecting cash your earning. Try to set aside 10% of that for a rainy day.


Thanks for continuing to read this series. I hope that you already have tired out some of them and when you do. Let me know what worked for you and what didn't.

Love ,




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