4th of July Deals

Hey all, welcome back. Even though this is a Mid week holiday, we should still be able to enjoy it.

Spoiler alert this post will not contain any firework deals. Sorry in advance.


The fourth of July is here and while we celebrate independence. We are surly are not the only ones to do so.
India’s Independence day is next month of the 15th, while Pakistan’s is on the 14th of August. Our brothers and sister’s up north celebrated theirs on the 1th of this month.

Canada gain their independence with help of the British North American Act otherwise know as the Constitution Act of 1867. Setting up the government of Canada, the House of Commons of Canada and even the taxation system.

Now let’s catch some deals.


GoPro – Fusion 360-Degree Digital Camera – Black for $600 dollars you are supposed to save $100 dollars from this deal. I will be honest, not having as much experience with video camera and the Gopro in general.

I can’t say if this is a sound deal or not.

More BestBuy deals can be found here. This one ends on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.


If you are into to coffee and bagels then Einstein Bros may be what your looking for.
Do you buy from them frequently?  Then show it off on Instagram or their website by uploading a picture the item you bought from there.
If you are using Instagram then show them with a #StaycationPomo. You can get a coupon for free Flavors Across America sandwich with purchase .

Mimi Cafe gives you a free funnel cake with the purchase of an adult entree . It begins on Wednesday and the time the start severing the funnel cakes are at 11:00 am. If you want Mimi menu then go here.


I know that bra shopping can be a bummer but with True and co they off a few options that can help us out. True and co also has a deal where you can save up 70% off on any bras.

And there is even a huger list of deals for thisspecial day.

Just a friendly reminder that even though this post holds affiliate links I do not make any commission for them. I am just happy to share.

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