10 Ways Teens Can Make Money

Think to yourself.

It is so easy for me to achieve success and wealth in own terms.

This is just one step towards mental riches you can acquire. Day by day say this phrase to yourself or adopt it and add any changes that you want too.

Success first starts within the mind. When it is backed up by faith and determination. Nothing can every stop you.

Now let's get it to ways you can make more money though the summer.


Places that offer to sell your clothes like PoshMark  & ThreadUP.
Is a way to get things moving out of your closet.

PoshMark has a way that you can promote the clothes you are selling by the in app parties.
This is be designer themed parties to Chic Summer themes.

-Unloved items

Let go is an app where you can sell items locally. When you do this remember to meet in a safe location where there are a lot of people around.


Amazon has a way that you can trade in your books for money.

Book Scouter is an app that can sell your textbooks.

Your own company

Social Media Marketing Agency/ Agent
Is a very easy to do because of the rise Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You promote, run ads, and even consult client to improve their social media feed and status. It might not happen in one day but it is a step in becoming your own boss.


Do this as an outlet for a fun pass time because when you have a certain mindset. As in being money hungry.

This will not do anything and it will only push you futher into that sinking hole. Of desperation, anxious, stressed and upset.
Which will make you give up. It might take a while. I say "might " becauss there are many YouTubers that rise to fame very quickly others some take time.

You know what, when it come to money that you are trying to attain. Don't do anything for just the money even the things one this list.
Do it because you enjoy doing it already or want to try something new.

-Self Publishing

Yes, I know that I talked about this but it is a really great way.

For those that love to write and inspire, strengthen, or fall apart using words that convey emotions.
On to pages that create chapters and chapters of a book. Then o think you should look into


 Looking after someone else's child holds great responsibility. It is truly fun though because when you are able to play and bond.

You will be so wrapped up in the activites. That time will sure does fly by before you know it.

Sittercity is just one of many sites that helps you connect with a family.


Online tutoring  can be a breeze when you know the subject.
Enroll is a place to do just the place to do so. If you want to know more about Enroll then go here.

A Few Extra Apps

-Earring cash back by shopping is a fantastic way and with this app ShopKick

Helps you if you are buying through Target, Walmart and other selected stores they provide.

-Cash Show is a fun way to earn money in the past time. By selecting the right answers to the questions they ask.

The best part is that the show goes live three times a day. In case you miss some answers.
Hey babes, I hope you all are having a blissful and tranquil summer.



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