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Vi har gjort en SWOT analys på företaget Colona Divers. Det här är våra förhoppningar innan vi har åkt till Egypten och när vi är där så ska vi göra en ny analys och se om våra förhoppningar stämde.

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“When did you get your diving interest?”

When I was 19 I watched a documentary about the Red Sea and the life underwater. I was amazed about how beautiful it was and how ignorant I was to not know the best thing in my country and that I didn’t knew anything about it. From that day I knew that this is for me and this is where I belong.

“How have you evolved your diving interest?”

I started taking diving courses in Alexandria. We are far in north in the Mediterranean Sea, I made it to 3 stars and then I came to Hurghada to work as a dive guide.

“Is diving a hobby or is it something you can make a living of?”

The best thing in the world is to have a hoppy and make it to your career, not everyone is that lucky to have that, and for sure you can make a living from diving, but you need to study hard and gain knowledge and experience to qualify yourself to become wanted in a good diving company and frankly this role is applied in all careers.

“For how long have you been an instructor?”

I am instructor since 2012 and dive master since 2006.

“Do you have other hobbies?”

Reading, Watching football and PlayStation.

“Do you love your work?”

If my work was a woman I would be married now.

“Have you ever been in a difficult situation that have been difficult to solve?”

So far my record is clean. I’ve had no difficult situation that have been hard to solve, the most important thing is to plan your day, make sure you follow the standards and regulations of the environment and never put yourself or others in a dangerous situation.

“What’s the best/worst situation you’ve been in?”

Best situation I had was when a woman had really big problems to be in the water. She hated it. Every time she wore a dive mask and had her face in the water she started to panic but after a few days of hard work while taking it step by step and encouraging her, she became an open water diver and she overcome her fear and I felt so proud of myself to teach someone that was feeling so insecure about diving. She became in love with diving and that's the art of teaching.

“Why do you work in Egypt?”

I am Egyptian. For my career Egypt is one of the best destinations, lucky me.

“Where have you dived?”

All over the Red Sea. South and north and Maldives's two times.

“Have you had any trainee before?”

I have over 300 students.

“How does the future look for divers?”

That's depend on the diver itself, you can be the best or the worst. It's all in your hands.

“How did you get your diving interest?”

Because every dive you see a beautiful creatures swimming or laying in the sand is a wonderful feeling when dolphins come and play around you. It's a blessing and pleasure you never understand until you’ll be in it.

“How have you evolved your diving interest?”

I start it from zero. The begging was in Alexandria and this is the qualifications I have,

*3 starts CEMS

*Surface supply diver "oil Regs"

*Underwater Wilding diver "oil regs"

*Inspection diver for inspect petrol line and gas pipe








“When did you decide to be a diving instructor and why?”

I spend around 6 years as a diving guide (as a Padi dive-master to gain experience and be ready financially to make the instructor course.) Teaching someone what you love is something great and it feels so good. Knowing people all over the world and be open on a new culture and make new friends all time to share your passion with is amazing.



Innan resan

Välkommen till Anton och Elins nya blogg! Vi är två studenter från Thorén Business School Uppsala som ska praktisera på ett dykar företag som heter Colona Divers i Egypten.

Vi kommer jobba för Colona Divers; både i deras butik och på deras båt (som ni ser bilder på över). På båten åker man ut med dyknings instruktörerna för att dyka med turister som vill se den finaste delen av havet. 

Våra mål och förväntningar är att lära oss och ha kul! Vi är extremt taggade över denna livsupplevelse.