Softball is pretty cool if you think about it. You can pick what position you want to play and you are good at or become good at. It's a team sport that everyone has to work together to get anywhere, to make a play you need multiple players. Here's all the positions you can play pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, short stop, 3rd base, right field, left field, and center field. Now we can get into where the postions are played and a short summary of what they do. Pitcher is the one who starts the play every time, they play in the center of the circle. Catcher is the one who receives the ball from the pitcher, they play behind the batters box. 1st base man plays a few spots, they play 1st base, if ball is bunted and your coach has it set up for them to come up then they come up and get the ball, they can also get balls that are hit foul, their spot is between the pitcher and 1st base. 2nd base man plays between 1st and 2nd base but not in the base line, you have to either be behind or in front. They play 2nd base and also 1st base when the 1st baseman has to get a play elsewhere. They back up the pitcher for when she misses the ball, they also back up 2nd base when shortstop takes the base. Shortstop plays in the middle of 2nd base and 3rd base, again not in the base line though. They are there to stop balls that get hit there, be there for 2nd and 3rd base when they have to make another play. 3rd base plays a little in front of the bag and a little catty corner, almost by the pitcher by not all the way to her. She plays 3rd base, gets bunts if her coach has it the play set up for her to get it and also balls that goes foul.