Shopping for ‘the perfect dress’ is one of the complicated things a woman has to do. Finding a perfect dress that will suit every woman isn’t possible as every woman is different. Every woman has a different facial features and a different body type, thus, a dress that looks good on one woman might not really look good on another. However, by having a clear idea about what your body type is, , you can choose the best possible dress and ensure that you’ll look good. Once you have clarity on your body type, you will be able to shortlist dresses that suit you and finally choose the one that fits you perfectly and looks good on you.

Mentioned below are some common body types and the types of dresses that will fit these body types.

Hourglass: As women with this kind of body-type have a proportionate figure, they can wish anything they like.Thus, finding a dress for this kind of body is very easy. Almost every kind of fashion dress style, including short and long bandage and bodycon dresses look good on women with such body type. However, very few women are blessed with this kind of body type.

Petite: Women who have a petite figure must choose short dresses as they will ensure that you don’t look short. Women who have a small body structure must avoid choosing over-sized dresses as they would make them look every more tiny and short. Thus, if you’re petite, then opt for short dresses that fit you well.

Rectangular: Women will this body type are very lean and do not have many curves. Their waist is also not big in size, thus, they are considered to have a rectangular figure. Such women must choose slim fit dresses in order to add some definition to their figure and make them look sexy. Body hugging dresses such as bodycon dresses, bandage dresses, etc. also look good on women with such body type.

Apple-shaped: Women with broad shoulders, average of fuller bust, wide torso and flat bottom are considered to have the apple-shaped body. It is recommended that women with this body type should choose dresses that hide their waist and highlight their bosom and legs. Such women must choose dresses with lower necklines and darker colors. Figure-hugging dresses must be avoided by women who have this figure.

Pear-Shaped: Finding dresses for this kind of body is one of the most difficult things to do. Choose a dress that can create balance between the top and bottom part of your body. As women with pear-shaped bodies have wider hips, they must choose dresses that do not make their bottom look heavy. Knee length skirts and A-line dresses are some options for women with this figure. Anything that doesn’t make your bottom look too heavy will look good on you.

Plus Size: Women who have a plus size body must avoid wearing dresses that are very tight. They must pick dresses that will give them a balanced look.

If you’re looking to find the perfect dress for yourself, then there are several online stores such as Destiny 4 Design that have something for every body type.So, determine what your body type is and find the ideal dress for you!