Friendship. People use this word to say they're friends with someone else, but friendships never last forever. I had a girl I called my best friend, it ended because she wasn't so nice about my boyfriend. She called him a "fuck boy" which meant all he wanted was sex. She was wrong. Every time he comes over we go for a walk and talk. He doesn't even show an interest in sex. Even when I bring it up he says, "I don't want to have sex unless you're ready."

So why do we make all these silly friends, when half of them don't always stay in our lives? It's because we're human and we have this need to be social. That being said, we make it almost a constant first to make friends at parties, school, work, wherever we are. Humans are meant to be social even when we don't want to be social. It happens no matter what. Teenagers even add people on social media because of that persons looks or friends. This becomes an issue when some people make plans with their "friends" who don't know each other face to face but over their phones or computers. 

Why do we want to be social? We usually don't realize that we're being social until we realize that we are talking to someone new, some people find it to be okay with them. Even I have downloaded apps such as "MeetMe" or "Kik" to talk to people and make friends. It's how I met my boyfriend and other people. Even adults get apps to meet people such as "EHarmony" or "" to meet their partners. Small children go to the playground or daycare and meet new friends while playing with toys or something.