Be grateful for what you have in your life, rather than focusing on what you don't have;

Avoid excessive rumination about your life; 
Take action and do interesting and fun things;

Focus your thoughts on all the good things about Christmas❤️the opportunity to engage in loving kindness, generosity of spirit, and gratitude for others in your life.


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we have the power to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive, rational, motivating thoughts, and in doing so, help create a healthy mind in a healthy body.

This transformation, which is part of emerging fields in psychology focused on mind-body health, is very important because it can greatly boost our chances of achieving what we want in life, including a fitter, healthier lifestyle.
“By changing our minds, we really can change our lives,” asserts Dr. Arvon.

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Climate change is not a problem of the future

The most important way to protect the environment is to be informed – a good place to start is to visit http://climatereality.co.za.

Use your knowledge to help change lives for the better.

 Use your voice to demand more action to be taken on climate change

We’re already beginning to see what a warmer future has in store for us – and it is not a pleasant sight.

The climate crisis has fundamentally altered the water cycle around the world.

The result is shifting precipitation patterns and increased evaporation that in￾turn cause more frequent severe rainfall events and more severe droughts. In
many areas, rainfall has become either increasingly abundant or in desperately
short supply, relative to longtime averages. It’s a classic case of feast or famine.

Extreme downpours can lead to runoff and erosion because the ground simply
isn’t able to absorb the precipitation at the rate it’s falling, stripping healthy
soil of key nutrients needed to sustain agriculture. In urban, suburban, and
agricultural areas, this runoff can pick up pollutants from the landscape and carry
them to nearby rivers and other waterways. In the most extreme cases, when a
powerful downpour occurs in an area without adequate trees to hold the soil in
place, a landslide can be triggered.
In coastal areas, sea-level rise may lead to increased groundwater salinization as
the salty sea floods further inland. This will compromise the availability of fresh
water, including that used for drinking and farm and garden irrigation.
Climate Change and the Water Cycle: Four Big Questions Answered
Every kilogram of vegetables you grow
yourself can reduce the dangerous
emissions causing climate change by 2 kilograms, if you utilize household
greywater and compost organic waste.



Treat yourself on a bad day
Do something that distracts you, to break your frame of mind.

Get some rest and relaxation.

Work to solve problems you're obsessing over.

Instead of thinking about it, take action. Change the situation, or talk to people who can.

Practice positive self-reflection.

 If you spend a lot of time thinking about your negative traits, interrupt your thoughts with self-praise.

Tell yourself you did a great job or that you tried your best



It is important, it is vital to know what kind of body we have.


Metabolism refers to every physical and chemical process in the body that converts or uses energy, or calories, including breathing, body temperature regulation, muscle contraction, digestion, blood circulation and brain function.

To know if your metabolism is slow or fast  you have to know your digestive capacity.

If your metabolism slow , you do the digestion easily you can eat beef, pork, fat, cheeses, acidic foods at any time of the day or night and it does not hurt you.

If your metabolism fast you have excessive movement, work faster internally, do not digest well, if you eat too late you can not sleep.

Each person has a unique metabolism, but knowing whether yours is fast or slow can impact just about everything including your ideal diet, exercise routines, sleep schedules, etc. But, how are you supposed to know whether you have a fast metabolism or a slow one? Well, your metabolism depends on a few factors including the following: your age, gender, body composition, level of daily activity, and of course, your genetics.

Fast Metabolisms:

  People with fast metabolisms also might experience:

o   Addictive personality traits

o   Nervousness

o   Irritability

o   High blood pressure

o   Lower calcium and magnesium levels

o   Excess sodium, potassium and phosphorus levels

o   Rapid heart rate

o   Difficulties sleeping (shorter sleep nights on average as well)

o   Mood Swings

o   Fidgeting and trembling hands

o   Frequent bowel movements

Slow Metabolisms:

 People with slow metabolisms also might experience:

o   Depression (especially combined with very excessive fatigue)

o   Excessive calcium and magnesium levels, but lack potassium, sodium, and iron

o   Weight gain in areas such as hips, thighs, and upper arms

o   Cellulite in new areas on the body, especially on the front of the thighs

o   Desperation for late afternoon sugar snacks (due to blood sugar drops)

Of course, the only way to definitively determine your metabolism type is through a blood test, which if you truly want to you can order online. If you think your metabolism or symptoms are serious and possible dangerous, please don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor, as they will be able to provide you with the most specific advice. 



Det är stor skillnad på hur män och kvinnor använder språket och detta får effekter i det dagliga livet. Generellt kan man säga att män pratar till folk medan kvinnor pratar med dem.

 Kvinnors språk är mer relationsinriktat än männens som är prestationsinriktat.

 Skillnaderna beror både på biologiska faktorer men också på våra olika roller i historien.

Ibland känns det verkligen som att män och kvinnor kommer från olika planeter.
👽 Men det finns saker vi kan göra för att hantera våra olikheter.

- En bra början är att lära sig kommunicera bättre.👍
Berätta hur du känner
Ta tag i saker när det händer så att ni båda kan gå vidare.
Lär dig att lyssna aktivt
Ta aldrig nåt för givet
Tappa aldrig respekten
Kramas ofta och var tacksam 😊

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