Here are some facts about me

1. I'm tall ish

2. I have the smallest feet in my family

3. I have 3 younger brothers that I love to hate

4. I have 7 people that I truly consider as my best friends

5. I don't trust that many people, I would say that I have 2 to go to people when I need someone tho

6. I love to organise stuff but I'm not a verry organised person (you should se my room)

7. My Nr 1 accessory that I need would be my backpack! I do feel like a kid when carrying it but it is my life

8. I don't care that much for tech devices, I would be fine without them honestly, they are a huge distraction and the way we communicate and creates friendship bonds now days are verry different then it was before because of them. Wich I highly dislike 

9. I was scared during the maze runner and the scorch trials movies, my friends will never let me live that down.. 

10. I LOVE the TV-show keeping up appearance! It's sooooo good

11. I think that the day is longer then 24 hours and I swear that the week goes sunday, Wednesday, monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 

12. I don't fall in love or even catch crushes easily, I'm picky I suppose

13. I am way to relaxed when talking about sexual intercourse, I think my brother's have something to do with that

14. I love reading and writing and would love to write a book but I'm to easily boored to just do one thing all day long

15. I hate cursing

16. I become weird when I have coffe, it's like I'm high or something....

17. I compare humans physical appearances to animals all the time. For example I have a tendency to describe my best friend as mouse looking

18. I tend to do things last minute

19. I can't prepare a speech and mot screw up. I need to make it up on point or it'll suck so bad 

20. I called my bestfriends Mum a hoe. I promess I can explain myself but you'll have to stick around for that ;)


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Feeling deep today

With the things going aroh d all around Europe right now I think that it is hard to not think about the future... I tend to think alott about it and try to prepare myself for it but as we've seen in Paris there is no way to know what is going to happen and can you truly really prepare for it then?

Well, We'll just have to see! We all live to die on day and when things happens around us we see clearly that the future is unpredictable and how important it is to value every minute of every day. So from here on I will try to do that.




So, apart from working today I've sat down and tried to fill in my schedule for next year. Apparently I have alott to do before the summer brake and I feel verry content with how I now have a plan of how to manage everything.

My life has been a series of doors in my face but now I'm finally ready to move past that and look for the future and not to the past (except on history). Had another encounter with caffeine today, ended up crying my heart out to bones.... It wasn't a verry sad episode....

So a fun fact about me!.... Hi! Yeah I dunno! I have a bestfriend that lives in the capital of sweden? Interesting hu? Yeah, no.

We'll annyway today I have been to work, IKEA and my grans. Me and my little brother put my grans New book case together and it turned out okey-ish but it was a job well done for my brother and I as we usually argue so yay! Go team! Raor!

I miss the Times when High School musical hadn't finished. It was all so innocent and lovely back then. Now days I go through the day's getting irritated of all 10 year olds that wear more make up then drag queens and think that their breasts will gett them attention so they stuff a 60DD bra with paper... Today's struggle.

I'm rambling, night




So, hello I suppose!

This is my new blog and I will publish stuff here from now on wich might be ridiculous and weird but bare with me I'm just using this as a tool for keeping myself grounded!

So, my name is Emma, I'm currently doing my second year in high school in Sweden and I'm doing the international baccalaureate diploma program.

I have a tendency to fill my daily schedule until the brink of were the day have more then 24 hours and this blog will work as a diary for me to keep myself grounded and unstress a bit.

As this is my first post I suppose I could tell you a bit about myself so here goes!

Name: Emma

Nicknames: Mum, angry mum, hoe

Favourite animal: dogs

Loves to: read and drive four wheelers but I crashed my bffs fence last time so... Woops?

Favourite season: Autumn (ITS NOT FALL!)

Favorite song: dunno, anything but rap, hiphop and r&b...

Favourite thing to buy: except food I would say dresses

Least favourite thing to buy: makeup and trousers

Favourite food: annything eatable

Favourite type if sweets: RAINBOW DROPS

Favourite TV-series: Bones

Guilty pleasure: teen wolf

Some habits I have; die my hair pretty often, always greets the buss driver with a 'good morning sir' every morning, never holds the door open for my bestfriends, be a bit to honest, getts abnormally weird when tierd/intoxicated with caffeine (like no, it's not even funny, tried to convince my bestfriend to get pregnant the other day)

Well... There you go! See you!