Did Angelina abuse Brad?

He is a very nice, kind man mr Brad Pitt.

I can not stop wonder if Angelina were kicking and

hitting, punching (abusing) Brad in all these years.

There are many evidences.

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If she is so afraid of Brad and she thinks he is a so

bad father she wouln't have let Brad take care of the Children the moast of the time when she went away on meeting and work and so on.

Now Angelina want people to think that she has been the one who have been taking care of the

kids the moast but it is not true.



Angelina can't cook. That she said in a journalist.

She got 6 kids. And they need real food. They

can't live on eating on Mac donalds and burger king or subway all the time.



in magazines and the news you could see that Brad Pitt wanted a divorce for a long time ago. He wanted it to be over already before the marrige but he married Angelina because the kids wanted that. Now it seems like Angelina have been together with an other man when she was married to Brad Pitt. .    Angelina hardly ate any food,smoked a lot and drank a lot of wine that was why Brad Pitt was fed up with her I read in the




Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt loves his children and he miss them and they miss him. There is no investigation in childabuse,it was all a lie because Angelina want to win in court and she want the kids for herself.



      ​Angelina has taking drugs when she was around

23. It was heavy drugs as lsd and heroin.

I heard that someone who started with narcotica

as strong as heroin can't stop using heroin.  So how

can we be sure that she don't use it anymore?

You hallucinate of lsd and it is also dangerous

and can change your way to be even after you have quit.

So even if Brad had tried marijuana then it is

not as dangerous as lsd and heroin.  

She took the kids with her so he could not see them

at all in over 3 weeks. That must be harmful

for the kids. 

Angelina have been praying to the devil and

have sacrified animals.  Is that realy the winner

in court?



Brad Pitt never wanted the divorce to  be out in public/media. The papparazzis would hunt them 

and write bad things abouth them and it would

harm his kids. That was his opinion and now it seems to be just what happend. 

It was Angelina that wanted it that way. When 

Brad wanted the divorce to be private. 



Hi. This is my new blogg. It is aboth how to defend Brad Pitt against all those ugly romours and lot more. My opinion is that he is innocent and he is a nice, kind man. He loves his children and I don't belive that he has abused them.  I met him in real life so I know that he is a calm nice man.