Hi all welcome to my blog !.

I've been trying to start writing for the longest time I've just been scared and I am the queen of procrastination but I feel like now is the right time to start this journey, my life is becoming a crazy world wind and I would love to share my experiences and thoughts with you all.

Now a bit about myself... where do I start lol I was born in Lisbon, Portugal '91 moved to London in '94.

Fast forward a couple years to when I was around 17 is when life becomes interesting to say the least, this is when I think I started partying and "chilling" this was the foundation of the original Wavey Gang ( this was a group of friends and family that would make no excuses about cracking a bottle of something strong and dancing in someone's living room till the early hours of the morning and wake up with no hang over)... no behaviour but it was all love. Studied at Kingston University and graduated with Hones in Business Studies, started traveling the world at 21 and haven't stopped since.

I'm a strange person to say the least, eclectic! it's a better word to describe me these days. The days of parting and going out in short dresses high ass heels and no jacked in November are a distance memory, not saying I don't do it from time to time because I still like a good gathering... just not as frequent. I want to continue traveling learning new things, I love politics, food, history, fashion and culture. I also love a good conspiracy theory.

Enough about me, hopefully from my posts you will get to know more about me. I wanted to start posting my experiences my hope and dreams just to share and help uplift others. If feel like we live in a world that is constantly changing and some parts aren't changing for the better! So If I can make a difference in one persons life it would make me happy.

Stay tuned for more guys