People tend to confuse fiction from reality, people expect us to be perfect, they expect us to be flawless. People think they know our intentions, when in fact they know nothing.

I've been struggling with this from the closest people to me unfortunately. If the closest people to you expect you to be perfect then what would other people expect you to be.

I get a lot of comments on my skin color, being too tall for an average female, having a long nose, having a curly hair and not dressing girly all the time, yes not dressing girly annoy them people I'm talking about. I've heard a close person, well a part of my family saying that my skin color and my length are making me less than any other female which is crazy!. She also said that my length is not going to make me wanted by men which is disgusting, I felt so bad for her that she thinks this way. I can't deny that hearing these words broke me, they made my heart shatter, not that I care about being wanted by men or any other things close minded people think of. It broke me because this is me, these things that I don't like about me are what make me. My skin color, my curly hair, my long nose and my length are what make me myself. I'm not that pleased with my nose though, but I can wait till I get a nose job.

I really hope that I meet more open minded people, because talking with an open minded person can make you feel great. When a person understands you and accepts you for who you are is the greatest thing that could ever happen to you, they can make you forget about the things that's been bothering you just by understanding, I know it's crazy and beautiful at the same time.

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