What to Include and When to Send Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are not just for a show. It provides your guests with vital information such as the location and the date of your wedding. It is one of the essential parts of the wedding preparation.

But what else should you include in your wedding invitation? Should you put your last names? The parents’ names? Do you put the name of your guests as well?

Lastly, when should you send out your wedding invitations? Can you do it via email?

Continue reading below for the standard etiquettes when it comes to wedding invitations.

What to Include in Your Invitation

There are a few necessary information that you can add to your invitation. Of course, there is the usual where and when. It is also vital to put your names on the invitation.

Traditionally, the bride’s name precedes that of the groom. If the bride’s parents issued the wedding invitation, they would refer to her by her first and middle names. Meanwhile, the groom’s name is his full name and title.

On top of the invitation are the hosts’ names. It would generally indicate who paid for the wedding. On very formal events, the bride’s name is on the top, but you can also add the names of both the bride’s and groom’s parents to honor them.

It is also a must to add the request line. There are various ways to phrase the words, “Please come,” so it depends on how you want it. But, do ensure you word it politely.

Adding the date, location, and reception is also a must.

Can You Add the Dress Code?

If your wedding does have a dress code, you must add it to your invitation and place it at the lower right corner. Let them know whether it will be casual attire, cocktail attire, or black-tie attire.

Most couples these days also direct their guests to their wedding website. It allows you to go more in-depth on the dress code and several other FAQs.

How to Let Your Guest Know They Can or Can’t Bring a “Plus One?”

Here is the thing: it is okay to ask a guest to come solo if they are not married or in a serious relationship. After all, you are paying by the head.

The best and most polite way is to address them is by name. Most guests should understand that adding their name without the "and Guest" would mean you invite them alone. That can be the right choice if you have an adult-only celebration.

Additionally, call your guest beforehand and explain the situation.

When to Send Out Invitations?

It is best to send out your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding date. This way, your guests can clear up and plan their schedules or create travel and accommodation arrangements.

Many couples these days also send out their invitations via email. It is more convenient and less expensive. However, be sure that your guests check their emails frequently or, else, they might be getting it when it is too late.