Want To Be An Influencer? Here's How Brand Building Works In 2019

Every online influencer needs a personal brand. the good news is: You can be an influencer, too. Here's your crash course in brand building.

Every online influencer needs a personal brand if they are to be successful at it. You can be an influencer too, but to be successful, you will need to build a strong brand. This involves developing and defining your brand, to conducting branding exercises and a lot more.

It is important for you to note that your brand is more dependent on what your customers think of your brand more than your own perception of your brand. For this reason, the two have two coincide if you are to successfully build an influencer brand.

Does that sound a little too complex? Worry not, here's your crash course in brand building.

Determine Your Target Audience

The most important thing to know when it comes to identifying your audience is knowing that you cannot cater to everyone. Your influencer brand development will call for you to profile the people and businesses you will target and appeal to.

After identifying your target audience, the next step is to understand their language and tone of voice. You do this by figuring out the lifestyle choices specific to them as well as detailed behaviors. Use this information to create a brand identity they can both understand and relate with.

Effective Brand Building is Highly Dependent on Research

When working to establish yourself as an influencer, you need to realize that you will not be the first in your category. So look into the competition and learn from their weaknesses and their strengths. Proceed to identify the opportunities they are missing out on and see how you can capitalize this to your brand’s advantage.

Do not forget to look into how other brands in the industry brand themselves and their work, from visuals to use of unique presets to partnerships. You are not looking to imitate them but rather to learn, so do not copy paste their structure onto your brand.

Doing a sentiment analysis will allow you to ascertain the customers’ true feelings. Check online reviews and comb through them, then look up the brands on the various social media platforms.

Highlight Your Brand’s Strengths

As mentioned earlier, you will not be the first influencer brand in your industry, neither will you be the last. For this reason, you need to outline what you have going on for you.
What makes you different from other brands in the same industry?

Use this information to give your customers a reason to choose you over other brands. You should be able to demonstrate the value addition you bring to the table. You can do this by offering an authentic voice, and giving your audience valuable content without selling yourself short or compromising on quality.

How to Define Your Brand Using a Logo and Tagline

A logo is a great way to visually identify the brand you are building. Whether or not you plan on having yourself as the face of the brand, you will need a logo and tagline for your branding exercises. A logo will appear on most official communication and documents, so be sure it speaks for you.

When picking out a logo, the best way to go about this is to hire a professional designer to help you out. As a crucial part of your brand’s development, your brand’s logo should be unique and timeless. The designer can also help you build a brand guide book that will help you define your brand colors, fonts, and even typography.

Even YouTube personalities have taglines and they tend to use them as rallying calls for their viewers and subscribers. When picking out a tagline, find one that your target audience can relate with and perhaps have a sense of ownership to.

Form Your Brand Voice

When identifying your brand voice, you should factor in your audience. Refer to the profile you did on them to see how best to communicate to them. The industry in which you are setting up your brand will also affect your brand voice but always make sure to add a bit of your personality to create a natural and authentic feel to your voice.

A brand voice can be either professional, friendly, promotional or conversational. The right tone of voice for your brand will improve your connection with your audience. Carry it through your platforms and incorporate it into each blog article you publish as well as your communication on social media.

Create a Brand Message

Can you describe your brand in a single sentence? Not every brand is going to need an elevator pitch, but your brand message should mimic one. In one or two sentences, detail your brand, what it offers and why people should care about it.

It is important that you highlight what it can do for customers, thus positioning it as solution oriented. Consistently communicate this in your chosen brand voice.

Put a Spotlight on Your Brand’s Personality

A brand personality is the backbone of genuine personal interactions with your audience and it plays an important role if you are to build meaningful connections. As an influencer brand, use a conversational tone and always speak in the first person.

Build a brand online by creating and sharing behind the screen content. This could be before and after photos or the candid moments that go into creating content. By sharing personal moments and creating content around them, you create room for the audience to have a peek at your brand’s personality.

Remember to be quirky and personable when describing your work and products.

Your Brand is Your Business

Your brand ought to be visibly reflected in all your communications. From social media to emails to ads, make sure your brand is visible without spamming your consumers. It’s therefore important that the brand is an extension of yourself.

Unleash Your Influence

Brand building is a continuous process so you have to be consistent. Document all your guidelines and keep referring to them if you need to. Do not change your brand’s outlook unless you need to switch to something more effective and this should only be based on feedback from your audience.

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