Taking Time Away: The Importance of Date Night for Married Couples

Just because you're married doesn't mean you should stop going on dates. Read on to learn the importance of date night for married couples.

Relationships take a lot of work. Even if you and your spouse are a seemingly perfect couple, your relationship requires care and feeding in order to maintain the spice.

The simple truth is that keeping the romance alive and well takes effort. All married couples need to have a date night once a week. Because if you're not having this special time together, it can become easy to grow apart.

In this article, we take look at reasons why date nights are so crucial to a healthy and happy marriage. Keep reading to see some important information about why you need to focus on romance and intimacy!

Reduces the Odds of Divorce

You have busy lives. This is a universal truth. Everyone is busy. And with mobile devices becoming a constant presence, it's now easier than ever to get distracted.

These distractions can create divisions in relationships. Life is chaotic enough without all the demands on your attention. And sometimes a relationship can feel like so much work that divorce often seems like a way to escape some of the stress and drama in life.

Date night is a great way for couples to reconnect. This is time spent one on one, allowing you to focus on each other, thus reducing the chances that either one of you might seek to leave the relationship.

Increases Intimacy

When you spend an evening together away from the normal demands of life, you are better able to remember what brought you together in the first place.

It's far too easy to forget the value of intimacy. Physical intimacy is important, but there is also huge value in re-establishing emotional intimacy, which is ultimately the core of any relationship.

Never underestimate the value of prioritizing your relationship. Focusing on intimacy allows you to reconnect in ways that can help make your relationship stronger than ever.

Increases Passion

Reconnecting emotionally is a natural aphrodisiac. Time spent alone, at a romantic restaurant, on a movie date night, or even at a hotel for an overnight getaway, ca make a huge difference in your sex life.

Many people tend to set their sex lives aside once they have children, choosing to prioritize parenthood over physical intimacy. This is a huge mistake. After all, a great sex life naturally overflows into every aspect of your relationship.

And as your sex life grows and emotional intimacy flourishes, your children will be able to witness the love between you and this will provide them with a greater sense of happiness and security.

Helps You Identify as a Couple

Another problem with married couples is the tendency to lose sight of being two people in love rather than simply members of a family unit. You might view yourself as a couple, but not in a romantic sense.

Do you still hold hands? Do you kiss for the enjoyment of kissing as you did when you were younger? These small acts of intimacy are huge components to a healthy relationship.

Establishing weekly date nights help to remind you that you are indeed a couple. Take advantage of this and so you'll remember what it feels like to have butterflies being with the person who means the most to you.

It's Fun to Dress Up

Most weeks are spent dressed for work, or in casual wear for chores around the house. Dressing up for an evening together on the town is a great way to remember what it feels like to look your best and feel sexy.

Want to make him look at you the way he did when you were dating? Try wearing something that will turn his head and spice up the evening. Dressing up helps you feel your best, and it's important to feel this way when enjoying a romantic evening with your sweetheart.

Provides a Chance for Shared Interests

The two of you spent plenty of time apart during the week. And while you each have individual interests, it's crucial to be able to discover shared interests that will help you connect on a deeper level.

This doesn't have to be anything complicated. Perhaps you enjoy the same foods, or you love the theater or the cinema. Perhaps take a cooking class together. The possibilities are limitless.

The point is to focus on something as a couple, to engage in conversation, and to create an atmosphere that helps you remember how much you still love each other.

Increases Sexual Attraction

The truth is that it can be challenging to maintain healthy sexual attraction to your partner when you don't spend quality time together. But keep in mind that you are both sexual creatures, and thus have both a physical and emotional need to connect sexually.

Dressing up, dining at a romantic restaurant, holding hands, and kissing, all add to the sexual dynamic of your relationship.

Once upon at a time, you enjoyed great sex. It's time to reestablish that aspect of your relationship and date night can help.

Makes You Better Parents

Spending time together at date night will help you to be better partners when it comes to parenting. After all, you need to be a team. It's also important to never lose sight of the power of your kids seeing you happy together. As stated earlier, happy parents create an environment for happy children.

Increases Communication

Nothing creates physical and emotional intimacy as much as good communication. Couples are often so busy that they fail to communicate effectively. This can lead to miscommunication, assumptions, and ultimately fractures within the relationship.

Spending time alone on a date each week gives you the chance to talk in a way that helps you understand each other better, which will strengthen the marriage bond.

The Importance of Date Nights for Married Couples

It's easy to fall into a rut. That's why it's so important for married couples to plan date nights every week. You'll have better sex, you'll be happier, and you'll soon discover that your marriage is stronger than ever.

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