Online shopping is on the rise, forcing many American malls to close. According to business studies, 76 percent of consumers in the U.S. shop online. Several factors that contribute to this rising trend are the ease of shopping, the discounts and savings offered in online stores.

In old times, consumers prefer to shop in the mall because it usually takes a week to arrive in their homes. However, popular shopping websites have made next-day deliveries possible and often offer free returns. As shopping becomes more accessible and demanding, finding the best online store becomes even more challenging.

Keep in mind that the right online store will not only provide you with discounts but also a seamless shopping experience. Here are the determining qualities of a reliable online seller.

They Are Accountable For Their Mistakes

Admitting mistakes is hard for most online sellers. Not only does it tarnish their reputation, but it also leads to lower sales and revenue. Nonetheless, a good seller will take full responsibility for the quality problem and work towards addressing it quickly.

In most cases, they offer you a refund or free returns. Subsequently, the returned item will be inspected for defects to make the necessary adjustments.

Good Online Sellers Are Flexible

Nothing is more frustrating than buying your favorite fragrance, only to find out that the vendor won’t Ship US to UK. Sending items abroad usually costs $130 depending on the weight, size, and method of the delivery.

Good online seller ships your packages from the US to the UK fast and effectively. Products sent from the U.S. are packaged and forwarded easily to your door without additional costs. Plus, they also provide excellent packaging to ensure that your products arrive in one-piece. Take note t

hat your parcel will travel down a systematized sorting process.

It is important to keep in mind that most people handling your parcels are working under very severe time constraints. Also, the personnel will only wrap your package in a large cardboard box. Remember that cardboard boxes lose 50 percent of its strength over a long period. A flexible online seller will use innovative and double-walled boxes to protect more massive contents from damage.

Ease of Communication

Languages and cultural barriers present real challenges for people buying from sellers overseas. Bear in mind that effective communication can prevent a series of problems that range from product non-conformities to shipping delays.

Best of all, an excellent online seller will talk to you over the phone to make sure that the specifications and other aspects of the product are understood. Effective communication helps avoid costly returns, which could potentially damage your business relationship with the seller.

More often than not, communication problems arise from the way a supplier communicates rather than language difficulties. Ask for payment methods, delivery timelines, and the authenticity of the product before doing business with an online store.

Also, don’t forget to read and weigh in the different reviews of customers to ensure that you are getting a product that gives the best bang for your buck.