You should never ignore the quality of air inside your home. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 4 million people have died from diseases caused by indoor air pollution. Moreover, exposure to unclean indoor air can also cause heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer.

There is an effective method to protect your family from indoor contaminants – using an air filter. Studies show that the use of air filter is one of the most helpful ways to combat indoor air pollution. However, you can only enjoy the air-cleaning benefits of filters if you change them regularly. Your family will no longer be protected once they are clogged with dirt.

Keeping your air filter in good condition means always having new filters available. Instead of buying every time you need to change one, you should consider using air filter subscription services. Here are the many reasons why you should:

Constant Reminder

When you use air filter subscription services, you will always be reminded when it is time to change your dirty, old filters. You no longer have to remind yourself or stress about forgetting. More importantly, you will avoid the negative consequences of having a clogged home filter, such as the following:

●Contaminated air – when your air filter is no longer in good condition, airborne pollutants and contaminants will increase and threaten the respiratory health of your family. Dust will also fill every corner of your house.

●Expensive electric bill – with a dirt-clogged air filter, your HVAC system will use double the energy to do its job. More energy consumption means you have to pay more for electricity.

●Additional repair and maintenance cost for your HVAC system – since your HVAC system will have a difficult time functioning with a dirty air filter, it will be prone to breakdown. When your HVAC system malfunctions, you have to spend on repairs and maintenance costs.


When you rely on reputable companies that provide air filter subscription services like Forget My Filter, you can literally ''forget your filter'' and relax. The filter delivery will alert you when it is time to replace your old one. You do not even have to exert time and energy going to the store as you will have your item at your doorstep when you need it.

Freedom from Worries

Your family's well-being is more important than anything. Ensuring the purity of the air inside your home will prevent the onset of the diseases mentioned above, as well as allergies and asthma attacks. When you can maintain the remarkable condition of filters, you do not have to worry about your 'family's health.

Expert Advice

You have access to experts when you partner with a reputable supplier to deliver your air filter. They can give you advice on what type of filter would be most beneficial. They can also give you tips to further maintain excellent indoor air quality.

The many advantages, described above, show that receiving regular air filter delivery is not an unnecessary expense but a necessity. Isn't it worth it if you can keep your family healthy inside the home?