Bridesmaid robes are one of the essential pieces of clothing to have during your wedding day. Not only does it protect your bridesmaid’s hair, makeup, and clothes, but it can also look exquisite in photographs.

However, shopping for the right bridesmaid robe that will complement your wedding theme can be challenging with a variety of choices available. Here are some suggestions to remember when choosing bridesmaid robes to ensure that your girls look and feel their best on your big day.

Find a Comfortable Style for Your Brides

Popular bridesmaid robes options include kimono, wrap, and spa robes.

Spa Robes: They are the most popular robes used by brides in wedding parties. It is comfortable and oversized and is made of cotton. Robes made of cotton are known to provide great comfort and durability. Other fabric types to consider include wool, nylon, satin, and micro-fiber.

Wrap Robes: Unlike spa robes, wrap robes are often more tailored and made of a lighter and thinner material like polyester. In choosing a wrap robe, it is advisable to opt for anything besides acetate and rayon to avoid dry cleaning and wrinkles.

Kimono Robes: On the other hand, kimono robes provide brides with a full sleeve that is tailored to fit through the body.

There is no exact method in choosing a robe style for your bridesmaids. All of the styles mentioned above come with specific benefits. So, everything all boils down to what your ladies’ feel confident and comfortable in.

Check the Length

No one wants to wear a robe that is too short that it barely covers the backside. That said, it is of the essence to find a robe which has dimensions of at least 32 inches from the base of the neck to the bottom hem.

More often than not, a small robe range is from 32 to 33 inches long. Therefore, threads lower than that might create problems.

If unavailable, then opt for the lengthier ones with a belt loop to keep the sash in place once it is wrapped around the body.

Set Your Budget

A bridesmaid robe can cost as little as $20 to as much as $200. This is why it is important to set a defined budget to guide in your search.

In selecting a robe, always remember that the highest price tag does not necessarily mean top-notch quality and vice versa.

Check online stores for discounted offers on wedding robes. Better yet, buy in bulk to save a significant amount of money without undermining quality.

Have a Monogram

Putting a monogram of your initials on the robes can make the gift more meaningful. Also, you can choose to stitch the names of your bridesmaids to the robes for a more personalized approach. Having a monogram and a name embedded on the robe will surprise your bridesmaids and will surely make them feel extra special.

If you decide to opt for a monogram, you should make sure that the robes are not only intended for your big day but can also be used during other occasions.