#werunstockholm was one of the challenges I set in 2015. My teammate, Szandi, and I decided to run this 10km race. I worked at the Nike store here in Budapest for over a year and knew about these events that they held for women all over the world. So we looked it up and had to choose from a few locations in Europe. We decided Stockholm because neither us have ever been to Sweden. We were there for 4 days, one of which was the race day itself. The race was set for 9pm, so we had the whole day to chill and prepare at the NIKE lounge in Kungsträdgårdsgatan. It was a challenging race for me, but it was about the experience. I was running on my own (Szandi was way faster than me) on the streets of Stockholm and it was an amazing experience.

We received the orange Stockholm tanktops for the run and they are unique. Yes, we like Nike.

After finishing the race we received a necklace as a memory for the run. It has the date, location and the swoosh. We also received a bag designed by Ann-Sofie back.

But we spent the rest of the days sightseeing and walking through the streets of Stockholm

Lunch at the Vasa Museum. Wow, the Swedish cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) were amazing!

And the ice-creams as well.

The calm before the storm

And the double rainbow after it.

So yes, I ran Stockholm!

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This is my first post as a blogger :) I am 23 year old third culture kid from Hungary currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I had to opportunity to travel the world and wanted to share my experiences with the world so I thought this is a good way to start. So a little about myself: I am a third year Business & Management student at Corvinus University of Budapest. I have lived in Thailand, Germany, Uzbekistan, Austria and now Hungary. That pretty much sums it all up. I plan on moving somewhere else once I graduate from university. I can't really stay in one place for long. That's all for now and I'll update this blog as much as I can :)

4 continents - 34 countries - countless cities - and still counting