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My little skin care garden...

Anyone who reads my blog and follows me on my social media would probably know about my undying love for Emma S. ever since I discovered it four months ago. Back then, I had only tried out three of their products, which I have also written about HERE. I even named the Overnight Repair Mask Treatment my holy grail, and till this day, it still is.

On Monday I visited the girls at VASS PR to expand my ever-growing collection of Emma S. skin care products. The girls are always so welcoming and lovely, making each visit feel like I'm visiting my friends. I left the showroom with a bag filled with new skin care products that I can't wait to try out for a longer period of time and report back to you!

All the products I've tried so far have exceeded my expectations, in spite of me thinking that it wouldn't be possible due to my certainty of the quality of this brand. I'm planning to do a post about my skin care routine soon, so that you will get a few tips and recommendations based on my routine on a daily basis. And of course, you will have to expect some Emma S. recommendations, because it's the new love of my life skin.

Until then, I hope you all have a great weekend! x

love, Elizabeth



Moisturizing mist är min favorit! Vet inte hur många flaskor jag köpt, hehe. Rekommenderat den till så många av mina vänner också 😊
Jeg er helt enig! Har den med i vesken overalt nå, og den lukter helt fantastisk! 😍