Which zodiac signs have a strong sixth sense according to the horoscope?

The skills- seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, are among the classic five senses that every healthy person is equipped with. But some people also have a sixth skill. Which is the sixth sense? The sixth sense is your intuition, psychic ability, a gut feeling, a hunch, among other things.

Intuition is also a strong part of astrology. According to astrology, intuition is an innate quality in us, but some zodiac signs have stronger intuition or sixth sense than others. Each sign has different intuitive abilities. Although your personal horoscope can reveal a lot about what your best intuitive abilities are. Some zodiac signs perceive things that cannot be explained with gut and intuition. These individuals possess skills that go far beyond and make them particularly receptive to the moods of their fellow human beings and the changes in their environment.

Are you one of the most intuitive signs? While your horoscope can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, it can’t always indicate whether you have a strong sixth sense or not. Thankfully, however, astrology can provide unknown answers.

So let’s find out which zodiac signs have the strongest sixth sense skills according to astrology.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

The Cancerians have a strong awareness of their emotions and intuition go hand in hand with their personality trait. It would not be surprising that they go heedful of their intuitive voices.

Cancers are not just good at picking up the emotions of people close to them but also receptive to the feelings of total strangers.

Thanks to their intuitiveness, many people find comfortable talking to a Cancer. Cancerians are adept at knowing exactly what the other person is feeling without them having to explain it.


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisceans, is one of the most creative zodiac signs. And intuitive people tend to be creative. Their inspiration mostly comes from being intuitive. The Pisces natives follow their intuition to create something fantastic.

The creativity starts deep within that many people are not gifted enough with. Pisces are also one of the most extremely sensitive signs.

The fish sign also sees things that others can’t see easily. Often their thoughts and dreams are provided by their sixth sense. They can feel when something will happen, even when there’s no indication or sign at all.


The Scorpion natives are extremely intuitive, where other people are concerned. They can practically smell a lie and are good at unearthing the truth, no matter what you do to cover it up.

Their self-awareness is very strong, and they know what they are doing and what their motivations are. Forget fooling them because you can’t, and the truth is even they can’t fool themselves.

They see, feel, understand and experience things that others can't easily. It's because they look for life and do not run away from it even if faced with confrontation. They are also good at reading minds; that’s how strong their sixth sense is.


The sixth sense of the Aquarius sign is just as deep. They have a far-reaching perspective. Aquarians are visionaries who can see past the horizon and relay their insights in a very futuristic way. No wonder they are true visionaries of the zodiac, and their intuitiveness is nothing to doubt at.

In conclusion, all the water signs are the most intuitive song with the Aquarius sign in the zodiac. They can tap into a level of inner understanding that goes beyond what others may have. Their perspective and perception add another dimension and layer of insight. However, any zodiac sign can be intuitive in some ways and possess great sixth sense skills.

If you are one of the signs mentioned above or even if not one on the list, you can gain greater insights into your intuitive levels after reading your personal horoscope. A good astrologer can help you know how gifted you are on an intuitive level. You can find some of the best astrologers on the Astroyogi Astrology App, where you can call or Live Astrology chat with astrologer anytime and from anywhere. This app provides the best live astrology chat experience to its users.