You can finally stop dreaming of the perfect skin! Here are 6 foods for amazing skin. After all you are what you eat.


Cucumbers are lovely! Enjoy them by itself or sliced up in a glass of icy cold water ( detoxifies your body) Heres a bonus ! Slice them up and put them on your face.

+ Anti- Flammatory

+ Super Hydrator

+ Vitamins B and C, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium ( all micro-nutrients !)


Kale aren't the tastiest but, put them in your smoothie for breakfast and you won't know its there. ( Thats a cheat!)

+ Anti-Aging

+Excellent source of beauty boosting Vitamins A, C and E

+ Magnesium and Potassium


Papayas don't smell the yummiest but they sure do their job! Cut them up like melons and make a fruit salad. Perfect for summer. Get fancy and Carve out the seeds and fill the middle with fruits like strawberry and melons and top it off with yoghurt! Perfecto !

+ Brightens skin

+ Vitamins C and A


Chia seeds are completely tasteless, sprinkle them on your overnight oats and you have the perfect breakfast. Or make chia seed pudding. Have them on your toast, simply sprinkle it on your finish toast like peanut butter and banana.

+ Anti-aging

+ Magnesium and Potassium ( makes your skin glow, no more dry skin)

+ Antioxidants ( Vitamins E)


Acne sufferers this ones for you! Pumpkin seeds are beautiful little things and do a lot of things. Enjoy them by itself as a snack ( healthy snacking) or add them to your oats for breakfast.

+ Antioxidants

+ HIGH levels of Vitamin E ( Your skins best friend)


When life gives you lemons what do you get? You get AMAZING SKIN! Add slices of lemon to your glass of icy cold water ( great detox, thats a bonus).

+ Rejuvenating

+ Boost Vitamins C

+ Supports Collagen production ( Important for your skin)