George Pain: Productivity Hacks

A Time Management Plan to Become More Productive

Dear Mr. Pain,

To you, scheduling is the key to productivity and order is important for wellbeing. I believe there's people who thrive on a fixed schedule and people who can't live with too many routines or they get bored to death. Just as there are people who keep their room neat, and there's people who need some disorder or they don't feel at home.

Both groups might benefit from the first part of your book, the quick and superficial overview over bad habits and how to avoid them. The rest of the book, however, about ToDo-Lists, writing down goals and creating rituals for a daily schedule, will only work for people who are most productive living by the clock.

Let's talk about the book itself. I already said it's superficial. I must add that it's sloppy. You only proofread the first three pages. The rest is full of typos and grammatical errors. It gets worse with every page. The content, too, would have needed more attention. You seldom give examples, but where you do, I'm afraid you didn't think them through. Let me quote:

"Poor hygiene habits


3. Wearing clothes more than once a week"

What am I supposed to do, go naked for six days in between? Maybe you consider wearing the same clothes more than once a week a bad habit. I don't see a problem with wearing the same sweater two days in a row.

I wonder if the example schedules are based on how you live. If so, how do you fit "Clean and do housework, do packing for the next day (including lunch) and other activities with the family" into a single hour? And only half an hour of reading time - your schedule would send me into withdrawal the second day.

Thanks for the free review copy, Mr. Pain, but please edit your next book better. That's probably the kind of task that you call a frog. You recommend to swallow the frog in the morning and get it done with. So why don't you write "editing" into the morning slot of your schedule?

Yours sincerely
Christina Widmann de Fran

Productivity Hacks: A Time Management Plan to Become More Productive by George Pain

self-published in February, 2018

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