Yin and Yang

We often grow up thinking that a partner will become our other half, someone who makes us complete. But what if I would ask you the following question: Could you be complete on your own? People often ask me why I'm not always very active in the dating world. There is this certain role many think a single person should have. Basically, when you are single there is this unwritten rule that you should be sexually experimental, get yourself out there and party as much as possible. It is almost like you are not allowed to just be, you must always actively seek another person. And if I explain my lifestyle to someone whom doesn't quite understand, they may think I come up with excuses not to meet people or that I'm just lazy or shy or something of that nature.

Well first of all I'm the spokesperson for all people who are different in some way. And let me tell you, even in the dating world all people are different. It sounds crazy to be saying this at the age of 21(but I'm like 80 years old mentally) , but when I feel like being together with someone I don't seek excitement I seek a mature relationship with a person who is completed on their own. I think it is important that people feel fulfilled on their own and a union in my mind is two people understanding each other. If people seek to be fulfilled through partnership they might get to attached with their partner and might not be able to live as individuals. Do remember that this is only my opinion and like I've told here before I understand and listen to other opinions as well.

It is natural that when a person is younger and more extroverted that they seek others to feel completed but for me although, I cannot speak on the behalf all introspective introverts the process has been very different. I have spent so much time thinking about my life, the things I like to do and my style that I feel like I have it all figured out. I'm in touch with both my feminine and masculine side. I can freely dress up in baggy clothes one day and look like a 12 year old school boy and the next day my style icon is grandma and the day after that I might feel like wearing heels and a dress. It's like all of these perspectives exist inside one person and because I have a close contact with all sides, I am able to let them out so in other words: I am free of roles. My art teacher ones told a new student this when she introduced us; "This is Rebecka she is the type of person who is a different person every week". It is very true but I am always the same person, there is a certain core each person has but I'm just able to express all sides that exist within me and let me tell you there is an entire society filled with styles and cultures within me.

Being true to my inner self has pretty much lead to the fact that I feel completed on my own. What do I seek from friends and partners then you my ask? I seek new ways of being, new perspectives and people who dare to be themselves no matter what. I like colorful people who sparkle brighter than the sun and the stars together but I also like shy people who have rich inner worlds and people with interesting professions and I have a soft spot for children and old people. I think people teach us to be better people and how to interact. Although I believe that you can be fulfilled on your own I don't believe you can learn how to socialize and understand other people on your own. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint what I like about a certain person I just know that I like them and why make things more complicated than they are.

So all you single people out there. Try to get that fear of being alone out of your heads and see the joy in it. You can basically set up your dream life and you are free to travel if that is what you desire. The most important thing is that you get to discover yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level and you also have time for deep friendship connection that in my opinion are the most valuable relationships in life. Remember that you are not a boring person and you don't need another person by your side in order to think clearly just trust your own mind.