The backpack theory

Sometimes I wish that I could only have one home like some people. Sitting in the warmth of a fireplace knowing that I could always return if the world outside would become too cold for me to handle. That would work out well if I was one of those peoples whom never get bored. But I do get bored easily. I need to see new things in order to dream, dream big. As I sit on the bus on my way from one home to another I wonder what it must have felt like traveling way back in history. Several weeks on the road and as a woman having to wear uncomfortable clothes and having to correct my makeup all of the time. I mean that would have looked good, probably better than I look now at least! But I can't let my mind wander like it does now, just keep focusing on the tightness of my clothes. Now I have the freedom of just being, just existing.

I look at the wonderful fluffy white clouds and imagine what Leonardo da Vinci would have felt like looking at birds being completely free of the human limitations of staying on the ground. What wonder it must have been to step onboard an airplane today when the noon sky was filled with this beautiful golden light. I was reading about Thailand and Carribean cruises with my morning coffee. A lot of people travel all the time, a lot of people never travel. Those of us who travel all the time no matter the distance might be familiar with the backpack theory.

The backpack theory is something that often occurs when traveling, especially when sitting in a bus. Almost every seat is taken but there are still a few left. Suddenly a new person comes in. This person is looking for their perfect seat. Somehow they always end up picking the seat next to someone with the largest bags/backpack. This is because they might not have noticed the bag/backpack. That person with the bags, yeah that is me. I try to make them room the best as I can. But I keep wondering, why is it that all those other empty seats without any large bags keep being empty? Is it becaue it's considered rude to put ones bag on an empty seat?

There is a lot of holiday spirit around. Many cities are putting up Christmas lights and people gather around to see them. I'm filled with a certain happiness. It's nice to be alive, right here, right now.