The 4 elements - the healing powers of Earth

On a Sunday walk in a forest close by during a winter afternoon last year.

Hello dear earthlings! πŸƒ

In the first part of this little series I talked about fire and the healing powers of fire. Today our theme will be the element called earth. Earth is a more grounded and calm energy so I think it's fare to say that it is directly connected to the atmosphere of autumn. Earth is also associated with new beginnings and growth just like plants grow and reach towards the sky.

The thing with earth is that it is slow moving it takes time for the magic to happen. The astrological signs representing earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. As you may know I'm a virgo myself, not as in born during virgo season because my sunsign is leo, but as in having most of my other aspects in virgo. This doesn't really make me "a lion that roars" or is the center of attention. But it does makes me someone who has an inner fire and passion towards things but the flames will not end up burning myself or others. In other words, earth stops me from becoming crazy and acts as that annoying and useful inner voice of realism. That is earth for me on a more personal level, but let us skip the individualistic (rather egotistic) viewpoint for a bit and think about what earth as an element means to people in general.


The view I had when I went from Turku to Tampere by train a few years ago.

Earth for Finnish (and Canadian) people is probably very often associated with being in nature, enjoying a quiet stroll in the woods no matter what season it may be. We all come into contact with nature in different ways. Maybe the very first meeting with nature is our backyard or perhaps a school trip and every time we stroll around in a park we are reminded by bits and pieces of our childhood joys. Nature, especially forests heal. Not only do they heal our souls but also our physical bodies. Think and say what you like but humans are made to be outside. I think that too much time spent inside makes us nervous and tired. We need to let that tension within us out by breathing in that fresh air and feeling the earth beneath our feet.

Of course earth as in planet Earth has changed a lot due to us. Earth is doing it's best to adapt and heal itself yet it heals us all the time and we are taking it for granted. Words about climate change however, aren't enough to save the planet. It doesn't matter how many influencers share the same article about the fire in the Amazon rainforest it's still just words. Don't get me wrong words are powerful, words are a great start, but we need to start thinking about solutions and ways to actually make a change. The healing powers of earth is something we need in order to exist.


Signs of Spring.


A few examples on the great gifts that earth has given us:

Sitting on the floor and the ground

In recent years when mindfulness was transformed into something that also fits the needs of Western countries, "grounding yourself" has become a thing. A great way to do it is to skip the chairs. Sitting on the ground or even the floor has plenty of benefits such as helping with correcting a posture. Some sources even clame that it is connected to a longer lifespan. What I think is that sitting on the ground is something our bodies are meant to do that is also the way our ancestors sat. Sitting on the ground brings you closer to that human side of you, reminds you of who you are and it feels way more relaxing than sitting on a chair, at least if you ask me.

Collecting leaves and stones

Leaves and stones are like small treasures of the earth and who doesn't like to collect them? At least as kids why might have picked up a stone to admire it's beauty or a leaf used as inspiration when creating a drawing. We are collectors by nature so why not collect something that nature gives us? Remember to never disturb the harmony of an environment. If you notice that nature needs its leaves and stones then let them be, like everything else they have an important part to play in the universe. Thankfully they can be enjoyed from a distance. The sounds of waves hitting stones and the beautiful autumn leaves are things that can only be seen and experienced at a certain place during a certain time, value those moments.

Having a plant and tracking down it's growth process (tb to my science experiments in high school) or greater being like Snufkin and owning everything without actually owning anything

Wow that sounds odd when I read it now but odd can be good so I'll just leave it this way. I recently became a plant mom to Joey (like Joey from Friends) and I started to take care of it really seriously. Previously my plants haven't been taken care of so well so I decided to step up a little bit and see what it would be like to treat a plant like any other living creature. It has brought me so much joy! I even track down the progress for fun and even if it at first may seem like a boring and uninteresting thing to do I highly recommend it to everyone! Even us who aren't exactly plant nerds. And no, no "special plants" because I know that some of you out there have twisted minds. The snufkin part; if you don't feel like having houseplants maybe you could follow the progress of flowers or the change of seasons outside instead that way you might become more connected with your environment. And in order to understand the environment we need to start close to ourselves.

Experiencing the forest with all of your senses

It may be a different experience for everyone but I find that if you walk long enough in the forest you and the forest become one or rather you start to feel less like a visitor and more like a living being who needs the forest in order to survive. There isn't room for any stress, worries or anxiety. It's just you watching your every step and soaking in the environment. That's like the cheapest form of medicine. But you have to be in the woods for more than 30 minutes in order to experience this wonderful calmness. I would say a minmum of 1 hour and you'll start to feel the effects. It feels a little bit like runners high but even better. It feels like you're finally at home and at peace with your thoughts. So, what are you waiting for, I know you want to feel that way!


A great way to experience nature from a different perspective!


"If your ego starts out, 'I am important, I am big, I am special,' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered about the universe. No, you're not big. No, you're not. You're small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that's limited on Earth."

~Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes."


β€œTo forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

~Mahatma Gandhi


Green is good.


A message to my readers: I might not post as often this autumn due to the fact that I'm trying to use a part of my free time in order to get ahead with working on my Bachelor's degree. I'll still be posting a little bit because well it's fun and I need to write in a more creative way as well, not only academic writing.

Hope you'll have a great day and soon to be weekend, remember to strive towards a balanced life! πŸ¦‹πŸƒ




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