Slush 2019 - my first impressions

Hey! I've survived and enjoyed Slush. I never thought I would say that and I never thought it could be the right event for me. When I arrived I was filled with nervous energy and excitement. I woke up a 4.30 am and took the train to Helsinki with my backpack filled with my dreams & ideas, my casual+ clothing and my laptop, all great tools for someone searching for the greatest career opportunities in their life. When I first saw the venue I almost passed out. My knees felt weak and I felt like a small person among all those great minds. It really hit me ; this is the place to be, this is the right place and the right time. I left my things at the cloakroom and found myself at the Quantum stage listening to a speak on education. Every person felt amazing, every step I took felt like the moon landing. The food was healthy and I could eat on the go, also coffee and water everywhere - to keep you filled with positive vibes and inspiration and most importantly in order to stay hydrated.

It all felt like a huge nightclub but the party was all about discovering that your different path was not one you need to walk alone, you could walk it with all of these people whom have gone through with the same struggles of not fitting in and thinking differently than everyone else. Everyone had unique names impossible to forget. Everyone loved a good intellectual conversation, a nice meeting of the minds. These minor details as some would call them are for me the exact factors I need in my life, these details within the atmosphere made me feel like I was among my people, I felt like I had found a mental home.

Of course I learned a lot. It will probably take me several weeks to gather my thoughts on each of these pieces of knowledge and for it to set into my mind. I feel confident and have gotten my confirmation that no matter how unperfect you are as a person you can still work on your own and make it work.

No matter how perfect all these business minded people may seem, they are still just people. People who are flawed and still deserve succes and love. I love how humble all the CEO's I met with felt like. They saw that I had knowledge on some subjects they didn't know a lot about and I listened to them speak about things like the network effect and project market fit which despite my interest for the career and the independent lifestyle are still very new to me. It's like a mutual respect, both of us being teachers and students at the same time. Is this what it feels like to be among open - mindedness? Being part of the great is just about trusting yourself enough - working hard enough so that you'll be able to be one of those people whom will succeed after failing time after time.

Slush 2019 was very visually pleasing as well. All of those uv-lights and a secret garden for relaxation in a otherwise high stress environment. You could just stop there to breathe or even to take a nap in between all of those meetings. The only word I would use to describe the entire event would be: wow!

I'll be back with more business minded visions when my mind is less blown by all of the greatness that Slush 2019 was.