Photo journaling

As I've been quite busy with my finals and exercise program (I'm training for a half marathon), I've used my freetime to engage in different activities that help me to maintain my creative capacity. To be honest I'm pretty much addicted to social media, mainly because I've always been a fan of stating ones opinion, sharing ideas and experiences with others. So I do not look upon it as something completely bad. Thanks to social medias I've been observing my environment in a totally different way than I normally would. Before my active days on Instagram I mainly got my inspiration from dreams. Now however, I notice heart shaped leaves, piles of sand that look like the Great Pyramid of Giza and feathers traveling towards my camera lens through the air, maybe from some exotic country I've never been to before, but I would visit that place of course, if I had my own ship to travel the seven seas with, just like Captain Jack Sparrow (and hey, I like pirate movies by the way).

Basically I've begun to understand the beauty of nature and my surroundings. As I woke up this morning I noticed these amazing rays of light on my bedroom floor and as I closed my eyes I heard brids singing outside. I felt like Beatrix Potter during that moment, wanting to carry my staffli with me as I would enter a new day and discover new things to paint. I enjoyed a cup of English Breakfast tea and I could feel the spring of 2016 in my veins. I felt really alive in that exact moment, no need to look back in anger I thought to myself or to think about what the future has in store for me. All thanks to a few pictures I took and posted on Snapchat, just to feed my creativity.

I turned Antonio Vivaldi's "Spring" on and experienced an eureka moment of my own as I listened to that masterpiece of fine music. What I was doing each and everyday had a name, it's called photo journaling. I take pictures of interesting things that somehow touch my soul and I keep them safe in a special folder on my phone. I look back at them if I'm in need of calmness or inspiration. But I realized that these pictures also reflected which type of a day I had been having, one pictures can tell you more than a thousand words in action I guess. I gave these pictures names/titles like "bad feelings melt away" or "all alone in someone else's world"or maybe even "Tea & Sun & my mind having fun".So I came to the conclusion that my way of keeping a journal was to take pictures.

When I was younger I kept different kinds of journals, in some of them I wrote about what I did during the day, in some I doodled during classes (I was smart kid who had nothing to do, since I had already done all of my homework for that day), in some of them I wrote bucketlists and life goals and I even had a couple filled with poems that I wrote each night before I went to bed. As I got older I started to write more for others and less just to myself. And I still rememeber how happy I was when I discovered blogging, a way for me to write both to others and to myself at the same time, truly amazing now that I think of it! But I was even happier when I noticed the power of photo journaling, because now I had a good excuse to get some time for myself and have creative breaks during which I document my life by taking pictures of the environment I happen to be in during that exact moment.

Oh, I can't wait to walk home from work and look at the sunset fading black. I can't wait to see the road in front of my eyes as a summer roatrip is about to begin. And I really can't wait for to get so warm outside that I can actually go to the beach an carry my Hemingway novel with me. I just happen to see life as pictures and when I've taken all those pictures I can see the movie called "my life" being displayed in front of my eyes.


Behind the wonderful, there is a world of hopes and dreams...

... Wishing upon this that cannot be, thoughts like water running around free...

... The magic of the moment,

a new place to be,

there is more into it than your eyes can see.