Past, present & future

- We are gathered here for our annual meeting regarding time and how people perceive it. Because I am the present I suggest that we take a look at how people view time right now after we have entered a new decade and of course, a new year. Thoughts?

- Well I'm not trying to be nostalgic or anything but I remember the present suggesting the exact same thing the last time when a decade changed and the time before that and the time before that! Isn't it a little old fashioned to go back in time like that?

- I must say that I as the future,agree with the past!

- But how can that be? said the present. You guys live in different spaces of time.

- Don't we know it! But dear present moment, me and the past need to depend on eachother. What didn't work in the past will probably not work in the future either although, future has this unknown element that neither me, you, the past or anyone else can figure out until it happens. The unknown lives within me. But nowadays people think about me more than the past. People want to see what life will be like in 10 years, if they are married, having a great career or traveling around the world or more general things such as "have we found a solution to stop climate change and if so does everyone follow it anyways". My point being that maybe we shall remind people that what has changed in the past reflects the present but doesn't define it but what happens in the present will define the future.

- I do not understand, said the present.

- No you don't, of course you don't, said the past, for you are always stuck in the present! But I can say for sure that people in the past have responded well to solutions by the future but they have also responded badly, so it might be equal to taking a risk.

- Ah, risks! Without risks the present would not have a past or a future! the future screams.

- Why can't we be living in the present moment! the present shouted.

- Because in exactly one second a moment of the present has become the past, the past reminded everyone.

But then space and time became silent until the next change of a decade.