Passionfruit, El Condor Pasa & Hiking

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you are doing well and are feeling happy and relaxed after celebrating Christmas (if you celebrate it, of course). I decided to relax a bit more now in December due to being very tired after each day of uni and work and therefore - no blogposts either. And as you may know, after burnout you need to be very careful regarding your energy levels because stress comes easier after going through burnout. But now I'm beginning to feel more recharged.

I'm currently on vacation in Madeira, Portugal. This is probably one of my favorite places in the world due to the beautiful flora & fauna, the kind people and the climate. The flight time from Finland isn't that long either which for me is a plus (I have no clue how I'll manage to do that trip around Asia that I've been thinking about) It's also pretty much a paradise for anyone who loves walking! It's easy to hit that daily 10k here and you'll enjoy the view while doing so. Tomorrow I'll hit the levada walks again, this time a shorter 6 km distance filled with local life, mountains and the color green! Today has been a more quiet day, filled with sunlight and fresh fruit. If you like fruit, especially passionfruit you should definitely visit this island! Passionfruit is the number one fruit here and you can get it as a sauce with the local fish espada, in the form of icecream, as soda (no it's not called pop!) for example bri sol & brisa, with a pannacotta styled dessert and so on. Thankfully I love it! I eat one passionfruit for breakfast every single day, too bad they aren't exactly a common occurence in a Finnish grocery store.

I got some shopping done today, went to Forum Madeira for a nice morning stroll. Now I'm thinking of going to the sea or perhaps the hotel pool for a relaxing swim together with my freshly pressed orange juice. I like the quiet and warm afternoons here, but my favorite time of the day is the morning. A nice morning walk to the harbour of Funchal that kind of looks like Miami and listening to Ecuadorian music such as the original version of El Condor Pasa is one of my favorite activities!

Have a nice day! 💫