Hey! 🍕🥂

Me and some of my friends decided to have a casual NYE celebration and what could be better than talking and pizza? I'm still a bit whimsical after a 6h 30 min flight and 2h bus ride back home from Tenerife but I'm also very excited to be back already in order to celebrate New year. New year usually just goes by and I don't much notice that the year has change since I usually have spent New year in an airplane which I btw recommend! It is very cosy and festive and what better way to view fireworks? Anyways it's always pretty great to spend a day relaxing in great company. How are you guys celebrating NYE this year or usually? I hope you will have a great celebration in good company and an amazing 2019 filled with new opportunities! I did a short little review on my year bellow so if you're interested check it out! 💋

My airplane mode. I bring out the candy and magazines and watch movies and just enjoy the moment. I just think that flying is one of the best activities. (read best way to relax)

Life lessons and mental health

My year has been pretty awesome but it has also been very difficult. I have felt like I've been put to the test mentally the entire autumn. But I think and hope that I have and will continue to work with my bad habbit of overthinking. The reason I call it a habbit is that if you let it take over it takes over, but if you just live and continue to enjoy your life it's almost impossible for overthinking to take place. But if I would need to mention one important lesson I've learned during 2018 it would be that I always need to have some interesting projects going on in order to feel inspired by life and happy but I'm also allowed to say no and stay in if I actually feel that I need it.

The best part

The best part of 2018 was definitely the summer! I worked in manual labor and was in very good physical shape and during my freetime I had all sorts of cool adventures with friends. I visited friends in different parts of the country, spent glorious days in Helsinki and Turku and drank wine on the balcony. I also visited festivals and amusement parks and had several picnics at the beach. And ate why too much sushi and pizza hahaa.


My career developed a little bit as well. This year I started working as a substitute teacher and I loved it. It was truly amazing to get to know my students and learn together with them. It felt refreshing to be able to work from time to time and taking much needed breaks from studying. As for writing I became a more active blogger, writing more frequently than ever before, which I am proud of since it has become one of those good habbits. Regarding art I felt more confident sharing my works of art on social media.

Trips and bucketlist

The best trip of this year was when I visited my lovely friend whom lives and works in Sweden and together we also visited Copenhagen it could not have been a better Easter!

I even managed to check of some things on my bucketlist. In the summer I went kayaking for the very first time and in the winter I went skiing together with my students and that was a unique experience! And maybe something which also could be added to the list of new experiences and knowledge is the fact that I learned more about tarot and crystals (yes I love that type of stuff).

So as a conclusion it was a good year, not the best possible year like 2015 was for me, but it was still a very important year when I got to learn how to take better care of myself. In 2019 I hope I'll be able to travel more (perhaps even work as a flight attendant) and learn how to code but I truly hope I will feel much better mentally.

Happy New Year 2019! 🎆🎉