Morning thoughts of an old soul

She stood there by the door and I told her; "I'm not coming here anymore". Like a wonderful little paradise I watch how the light in her eyes begins to shine. And then she smiles. "So may I ask you why?" she says softly trying not the be too loud in the presence of a hundred thinking minds. "3 days and I'll be in Prague", I say. She shows me her notebook and she had written "met a stranger today although she was no stranger to me". I nodded and thought "exactly" and opened the door to face the night in the big city. So close to home but still so far from it.

Have you had a meeting with a complete stranger and ended up feeling like you've known them forever? For some reason I keep meeting people like this. Many times I just have that one moment with them and nothing more happens. Nobody gives the other their number, nobody will say to the other "it was nice meeting you". It's like we are at the right place in the right time and ours souls brought us there. Maybe these people will always remain as strangers to me, even if I remember our meeting for a lifetime. Wonder if these people know what an impact they have made on me. I don't remember any names I just remember intense feelings of belonging.

Sometimes, when it's very early in the morning when I'm not really awake yet I feel my real age. I remember all the things I've seen, felt, dreamt and done. Would people believe if I told them I old I really am? No matter how often I turn 20 I'll never have that state of mind anymore. It's like I've been old since I was born.