Me + cars = ?

So, this has been my problem for a while.

I mean me and my relationship with cars.

I love speed, I love driving around with my friends - exploring new places and all that stuff. And let's face it, even though I'm environmentally friendly I would love to have my own pickup truck. It screams to me "we belong together, I'm your bae, take care of me and take me to route 66". And I grew up smelling gasoline (which by the way oddly is a nice smell) and to the sound of my dad fixing his car. But the day I finally got the chance to go, go kart driving everything changed. I crashed into one of those walls of car wheels, because I drove too fast and boom the daredevil inside me was born and this is the reason why David Guetta's and Sam Martin's Dangerous is one of my fave songs ever. But it made me not want to have a car, at all. I choose to walk and go by bike and observe the world instead, keeping it clean and nature friendly.