"It's art, you don't need to understand it"

So, lately I've been thinkin about art and I cannot even count how many times I've had the following debate during these past few days:

me: don't you just love this piece of earth it truly brings out the personality of this artist.

friend: hmm, I don't think so. I mean, we are currently looking at a completely white canvas, I could have don't and I don't think I'm that artistic anyway so yeah...

me: but what do you think of this piece of art, what sort of thoughts does it create inside your mind?

friend: I guess it's all blank like the painting itself. But you don't have to overanalyse everything, everything does not need to have a meaning. There are things here in our society and life in general that lack meaning and you know it very well, so please stop ovethinking now, thank you very much!

me: but what's real art to you then, the kind that really matters in our society?

friend: well, something that you how to work very hard for to accomplish, it has to look like you've really made an effort, like for example Da Vinci, stuff like that.

me: right, so you feel for the realistic view of art.

friend: Yeah, I guess you could put it in that way.

me: so you think the artist behind this painting did not work too much, did not make an effort when producing this piece of art?

friend: why all these questions?

me: I'm a philosopher, we question everything.

friend: K.

me: Art is a reflection of our society. Every piece of art states the current situation, even though the artist did not think of it. Like Edie Sedwick said about her friend Andy Warhol's "Camphell's soup can" masterpiece "what kind of emotions can you put into a Camphell's soup can?". Well the soup can is a way of presenting the consumer and when on canvas it makes us question the society we live in as a whole. Also, every single artist needs to go through a so called creative process. Let me quickly present to you the steps of the creative process...

friend: great, this will take you what, 2 hours, oh well, here it goes again...

me: 1. The Great Idea, this is thought you get in the shower or at 3 am in the Morning. This is the original thought, Almost By misstake you suddenly realise something. And this I think was the way Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb.

2. The Great Plan. Now this is a hugely important step. During this step the artist does the needed mental preparations for what is to come. This is when the scheduling happens.

3. When the great idea is becoming a great piece of art. This part is the most diffucult one, pure love for what you do and pure pain in the same time, you work in order to create what you thought of that one night and in working hour that one night basically could very well be a few years...

4. Accepting the great outcome. As an artist you sometimes are very dissapointed at the final result of your creative process, but it's a part of the game to learn to love what you've done and appreciate yourself for what you've managed to do.

5. If your still unhappy, repeat the steps 1-4 until you feel satisfied with yourself.

friend: just wow/ k (usually only the k part).

When creating good arguments you'll be needing facts to base your arguments on, that is why, I've created a list of things every artsy person gets excited about atm:

1. Dismaland

Dismaland in England is a temporary art Project by the street artist Banksy. It has been called the "Bemusement Park", a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism. Basically people line up to see this amazing work of art that truly represents the world today and is based on many of the discussed topics of today. There's for example a boat filled with refugees and some of them are drowning, the people working within this "Bemusement Park" are negative towards their job and are not threating their visitors well and then their is a Disney Princess version of Princess Diana dying in the car accident 1997 surrounded by paparazzis.

2. Everyday inspiration, funny Instagram accounts:

@lunchboxdad - a dad who makes creative lunchboxes for his childern

@socalitybarbie- barbies "acting as typical women on IG nowadays"



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