Dear future love of my life

Dear future boyfriend,

I know that I am not perfect but I'm looking at someone unperfect too. For me you are perfect because of your unperfectness and I kinda hope that I in all of my unperfectness, could be perfect for you.

I'll be the person comforting you to sleep, making you breakfast and playing your favorite song, because that is my way of showing how much I love you. I might leave you random notes that state my endless love towards you, because in the morning I love getting outside to take a walk and sometimes I would just love to stay inside with you and sleep. And I'll let you educate me when it comes to netflix, because I haven't been that type of a person before. Of course I've watched Family Guy and Orange Is The New Black, but I prefer Operas just as Jevegeni Onegin and artsy movies by Aki Kaurismäki.

I'm a mixture of optimism and pessimism, like Seneca I don't see the point of getting angry for things we did not expact to happen, even though we did. But like Epicurus I enjoy the small things in life, because life to me seems to be a great pleasure filled with suffering in order to experience fulfillment. And like Nietzche said writing a novel should be painfull in a way and take at least 10 years to be completed. And I love quotes by the way...

Running is my way of thinking my life through, my everyday life.
And at times I really need a field to play soccer on. Because that's just how it is, my legs are always ready for a Cooper test and my mind i set on winnig every little sport event in town.

But the truth is i suck at math and being negative in a good way, so if you could be my crumpy math nerd I would love you to the moon and back, no actually, that's a bit clischee because we live on a pale blue dot in the the universe. But yeah, getting my point right? of course your smart bro!

So please keep up with my random ideas and scientifical documentaries about the life of sharks, until the next cup of coffee in the middle of the night! And of course all those allnighters... But my heart is big and it's open for new adventures with you my dear. You have a beautiful soul. And pleease buy me M&M:s on fridays, that would be awesome, thanx. Welcome to my maximalist enjoyable life dear you.

Blah blah blah, I could talk forever and ever, or I could keep up with a lovely dead silence if it is needed. But something I never would be able to give up is writing, because words describe life, life how we experience it to other people. And with the help of words I can say I love you.

Yours sincerely,