Christmas Spirit

She walks around with love in her eyes. Sits down on a bench covered in snow. "Soft like a pillow she whispers" but the sea and it's creatures aren't able to hear it because everything is frozen except for her heart which is warmer than ever. She knows that if she sits there long enough the christmas lights will be turned on. She closes her eyes and hopes to fall asleep and wake up at Christmas Eve. -Don't you just think it's stressful to celebrate Christmas again! Felt like it was yesterday? an old women passing by shouts. -Is it Christmas Eve yet? The girl wonders and opens her eyes to discover a lot of presents in front of her eyes. -Who are all of these for, someone must have been really good this year! -Well there's a present for uncle Jimmie, uncle Stephen, my husband, the chairman of my knitting club, my neighbour, our cat Snowie, my cousins and my husbands brothers, our kids Allie and Billie our grandson... -Wow that's.. a lot of people. The girl sees a pair of tired eyes covered with reading glasses,behind green and red wrapping paper, ribbons and stocking fillers. -And yet nobody helps you carry all of these presents? -No, because I've done it alone every year, why would I suddenly need help? I might look old but I'm still a child inside. -I might look young but I'm old inside, the girl answers. The old and the young lady laugh together. -So you've found my worrying bench young lady, is something wrong sweetie? -No dear old lady, to me this is a happy place, I come here everytime I feel extremly happy.
-Well I could use some of that happiness dear child, might want to share it with me?
- Of course! I'm happy because today I understood that Christmas is peace instead of stress. Christmas arrives in your heart when you sit back and wait for it to come. People rush around looking for christmas spirit in huge malls on black friday when all you need to do is lit a candle at home and gather all your nearest and dearest.
-I understand. You've found the spirit of Christmas young lady. You see I often forget that I do not need to rush, Christmas comes every year without me stressing out.
-mmhmm, did you visit many stores?
-Hahaa, well you see I don't need to. We make everything ourselves.
-You make everything?
-Why, that's like double the amount of stress?
-Someone has to do it, I made you those gloves with my own two hands, I can still see that you've got small hands.
-What do you mean?
Suddenly the girl wakes up to the sound of a strong wind around her. "I thought it was real, but now it feels like a dream". It's suddenly got dark and someone has turned on the lightswitch because the stars shine almost as bright as the christmas lights all around the park. The ground in front of the girl isn't filled with presents anymore. A little Christmas card in light brown paper layed on the ground. The girl reached out for the card and felt the tention fill her hand as she grabbed it. "I thought I'd already met all of the elfs but apparently I've found one more. -Ms. Claus."