3 years of blogging

Greetings fellow writers 📖!!

This month will be very special to me since I started this exact blog in May 2015. Firstly I want to thank everyone who has ever read any of my posts, my friends that always encourage me to write and of course my frequent readers - without you I would not have continued this far ❤️ It all started as a sudden idea and an opportunity that presented itself. I felt tired of only writing scientific essays and wanted to express myself in other ways but also I felt the need to practice my third language. Before May 2015 I had several blogs in both Finnish and Swedish and I would write about different things in different blogs but no blog has ever felt as special as this one. This blog is like a baby to me since it is the first blog in which I've been myself 100% and written according to my own mind and therefore I feel extra happy if someone gets something out of what I write because every word comes straight from the heart. I wanted a place for people to feel like they aren't alone with what they experience, uplifting and perhaps even inspiring and if not then I hoped it would awake the critical thinking in people and cause them to think and discuss. It feels almost wrong to speak of a blog like this when I know that it isn't the best or the biggest one out there but to me it is everything and therefore I express myself like this.

This blog has taught me many important lessons and made me understand certain things more clearly. When I created the theme "inside my mind" I wanted to explore the culture of thinking and inner monologues. To me understanding lies in the written word. My thinking feels incomplete without writing it down. It is almost like a conversation between my mind and paper. I write most of my first drafts on paper in order to get into a certain state of flow. I feel that it is my purpose in life to write, I actually feel sick and empty if I go too long without writing. There are pictures in my head, a constantly open movie theater that shows films that need to be written down and I paint the pictures in my mind onto the paper without paint, only words. And when I see a film being played in my mind everything else becomes secondary except a paper and a pen.

When I think of love I think of writing. If I was to find myself in a romance of some sort I would most definitely be very old school and express my love with letters. That's why I like falling in love slowly so that I get to sense the feeling, the environment and how everything looks so different because of one person. And friendship as probably the most important form of love throughout ones life is also expressed with the help of the written word. Many friends have inspired me so much in our discussions that it makes me want to write about the subject we dived deeply into while talking and not only friends even strangers.

To be honest I am crying tears of joy right now and I hope that blogs will exist for a long time so that I can continue writing here as long as possible. And to all my fellow writers I wish you eternal Inspiration and joy in what you do.

Thank you ❤️