As a consulting engineeringcompany operating in Eldrige, Maryland, USA, Leach Wallace Associates, Inc isrecognized as one of the most dynamic engineering firms in the East Coast witha staff of more than 100 employees providing excellent technical advisoryservices in mechanical, electrical, and energy systems engineering design forcommercial, institutional, industrial and governmental customers for almostthree decades now. In particular, the company’s capability covers such areas asair-conditioning, plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical powerdistribution, fire protection, communication systems and lighting.

Leach Wallace has more than80% of its work devoted to old clients who have learned to depend on thecompany’s valuable expertise and proven leadership in design, geared towardestablishing a strong and lasting business relationship with its clients.

Leach Wallace Associates,Inc. provides the highest-quality consultancy to all individuals and companiesthey serve. The company employs some of the best engineering professionals ofthe country and trains and inspires them to deliver excellent results through aresponsive commitment to satisfy its clients’ building systems requirements.The firm consistently establishes a company-client partnership which aims toprovide efficient solutions, reliable design and planning processes, andtop-quality implementation of projects. Throughout its existence, the company has proven the effectiveness ofits methods from the numerous clients who have returned to seek additionalservices, many of whom have attested to the firm’s capability to exceed theirexpectations.

Leach Wallace Associates,Inc. began operating in 1990 and, since then, has specialized in providingmechanical engineering consultancy which covers such works as reuse, retrofitor replacement of existing systems and the design of new central heatingplants. They aim to optimize systems which allow clients to improve theircost-benefit targets through installing systems which incorporate flexibilityand redundancy in the future.

Wallace Associatesconsulting engineers possess the knowhow to address clients’ needs, based on anenduring relationship that is mutually beneficial and with no fraud policy.Twenty-six years should be long enough to prove how successful Leach WallaceAssociates, Inc. has been in its mission to provide to quality engineeringconsultancy.