My 3 weeks

Since I haven´t been very active on my blog, I thought I would write about my past 3 weeks. They will be parted into sections with each headline.


Jpop is over, which mean my long/little break starts now from sewing costumes. I have been feeling very tired and not in the mood for sewing a costume during the time up to Jpopcon. So I decided to take a break. Plus I have some pressure or something that makes me feel uncomfortable and one of them is me thinking about my future.
It will be for another time, when I have pulled myself a little bit more together.

3 weeks ago, J-popcon was happening in Cph in DGI city. Of course, since my hobby is also cosplaying, I decided last year to go. Friday I went there as queen (Queen of hearts) and a lot of people did matter in fact take pictures. I were actually afraid that I would get ‘why did that person take something this huge on on a Friday’ but I didn’t really hear it. Now queen is also dirty, but I just need to use vanish and then it’s gone. I got so much praise on her and even one of my friends internship leader, which matter in fact is a wedding dress designer praised me too. Mind blown!

Saturday were the competition day. As always I will not expect anything from the competition and I didn’t win anything, so it’s rather fine by me. One cosplayer cosplayed Loki from Thor and Avengers and I were so happy she did the act, because she got the crowd to yell Loki. She won crowds favorite and is now the solo acter for France in this years European cosplay championship.

Sunday I went basically as myself, because here my down drop of stress happened. I slept for so many hours and were really happy that I managed, but I were still tired.

Vacation + mothers day

I went home to my parents last week and came back sunday. I needed it. But I sadly on the same time were and I still am undergoing an exam. But it needs to be on minimum 7 pages and I have soon 5, so it will be fine.

During the vacation, I had my dad to look at my computer, because it sometimes had white screen and needed to have an extra screen, to basically watch what the hell I did. But at that time, it were normal with the screen matter. My dad found out, that a lot of my letters on my keyboard didn´t work and my password for the computer started with one of the letters, which didn´t work. So my dad told me, we will make a backup for you and then we go out to buy a new one.

We went to Bilka to buy one and were in there for 35 minutes or so and I couldn´t decide which computer I should pick. Then one who worked at the electronic department came to rescue. Both my dad and I were almost saying no for help, untill I said: ´I need a computer, which can drive both illustrator and photoshop, since my school require that I use it. He said we have this one and it can drive photoshop, illustrator, sound editing and video editing´. You know the huge editing tools. I were sold. It´s small (13") and has a lot of space, so my files can come over. Plus I got it for 50% off.

So now I am sitting and trying to learn it to know.

Mothers day my sister and I bought wine and chocolate for her, which she were happy for. She said she will enjoy them in a hot summer day.


Tomorrow I am going to interview one of Denmarks queens purveyor. It is insane and no one from my school have never had an interview with one of them. I am the first. I am very excited but also nervous. So I have been making healthy Snickers balls to give them as a thank you for taking some of your time out of your busy schedule.

Also tomorrow my cousin from Jutland is coming over. Not to visit me, but to actually go on a date with a guy she haven´t met before. I am very excited for her and I told her, that my sister and I are there for you, if something happens. So I am going to meet up with her and chill with her in 1,5 hours before her date. quetions will be asked.

I have no more for now. This one will sadly only be in english for now. Maybe I´ll translate it, but after the exams.

See you around!!

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