Eggs and fruits

Today is a very chill day for me. I am working at home and that means I can take it chill and relax.

So since I woke up and not being in a hurry, I decided to make my very first healthy breakfast in a while. So I’ll give you the most easiest recipe of all time. :’D

Scramble eggs

2 eggs

Fruit bowl
1 kiwi
1/4 apple (my apple were rather big.)

How to do:

Crack the egg in a hot pan and stir till it turned into scramble eggs. (Easy, always) serve in a bowl or plate.

Peel the kiwi and cut the kiwi and apple into squares. Serve in a bowl.

Interested in the coffee?

Recipe on coffee
2 spoons of powdered Espresso coffee (not instant)
1,5 dl milk

How to do:
Prepare your coffee as you usually do. You can do it with a coffee machine but also by using a filter and a track.

Use a milk foamer and pour in some milk and start foaming it. Put it in the microwave for 1 minute and foam it again.

Poor in the coffee so it’s half filled and poor in the warmed up milk and add the foam to it.

Now it’s ready to drink. Also if you use sweet milk, then you have made cappuccino as far as I know. Mine is fake since I used ‘skummetmælk’ (foamed milk) :’D

Bon appetite!

Note: I will translate it into danish when the internet is functioning again at my home.

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