The trip went to London

In September my friend and I decided to go on a trip. We choose London as my friend have been talking about going there and I have never been there. I were supposed to have gone to London together with my family, but it didn't really happen, so my friend were up to the idea. We decided we would go in November 2017 for five hole days. Even though she had school and I had intership, but I warned my intership, that I were going on a trip, but didn't know when. My friend... She skipped classes. I will devide this post in other five, since I think it would be better off to write it for five days. This will only be in english, because it is too much to translate to danish.

Day 1: The arrival

We got up around 2am to go to the Kastrup airport to leave around 7am. The morning didn't start well, since the metro didn't go at all and we left around 4am. The rejseplanen on her phone didn't work and I used some of my data to find out that there were a bus arriving soon to the Cph central station, so we could take the train to the airport. Thankfully we had 20 minuttes before drop off the laugages we have, so we sad and talked a bit and talked a lot about getting coffee otherwise some kids might not have survived that day. It's not that I am going to do so, it's just about the crying sound is not good that it's near me so early in the morning.

Anyways, we got our coffee boarded and flew to Standset airport. It were an hour away from central London. Very fast we found out how the underground functioned and we got the hostel we were supposed be live. The hostel were right next to Londons famous shopping street, Oxford street. The hostel name were SoHostel and you probalby also could have a room for yourself, but we decided to share, which we kinda regret now.

We went and got lunch at a pub called something with shakespears. At that time I didn't realize, that we were where the theatres were. So seing all those places in almost just one street amazed me a bit. We ate fish and chips, which were delish and it were my first time getting it. strongly recommended if you have never tried it.

Later that day we decided to go and see what there were on the street, but didn't go far. Around 5 we bought a cup of coffee and went to meet up with a friend who lived at that time in London. Ate dinner, had a great time went back to go to bed.

Day 2: The disaster

On our 2nd day, we decided to use it on shopping on Oxford street. But before that of course coffee and breakfast. We started shopping and actually did that for 6 hole hours. I bought new pairs of pants and a cardigan. But during the trip I bought more, but right now I can't really remember. Of course in the meantime we went to get lunch and I tried the meatpie with turkey and massed potatoes. Delisious.

After those 6 hours, we had walked past the John Lewis store. My friend took a picture of me and wrote, that I bought something. 5 minutes, and YES ONLY 5 MINUTES, the disaster broke out. We saw a huge amoung of people running towards us and my friend and I only looked at each other for a few seconds before we both started running. We both thought that if we didn't run we might be killed by either those humans who were running or something terror. We ran and also ran into John Lewis, which people shouted 'into the stores, into the stores'. So we did but I stopped running, because now I got pissed because something were off. I didn't know what the f*** I were running from. I started asking people and the same did my friend. No one knew it, so we went out to the street to ask for it. But then not long after the second time of running happened. We ran to the right instead of following the lead. We got evacuated into John Lewis for around 1,5 hours, before we heard that we could go out by the back door. Sadly for us, we needed to cross the Oxford street. Later we found out it were a false alarm and my friend and I went out to eat and get a bit of booze, not to get over it, but simply because we kinda wanted to. We stayed on the street where our hostel were.

day 3: sightseeing

After the disaster, we went out to go on sightseeing. We first went to Big Ben, which were nothing to see because of the constuctionwork it's undergoing. (you can see in the picture). But the London Eye were an eyecatch. It were one of the things I really wanted to see. I didn't go up in it, because I first of all don't wanna go alone and I don't think I am happy with the glass floor.

We afterwards went to Tower of London. I saw the crown jewels and they were beautiful and worth to watch if you ask my oppinion. I have never seen anything sparkle like that and also never seen so many Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and ameralds in my life. We also saw old armors for both horses and people and a minor torure room. We went out and there it were. Tower of London bridge. Also one of those I wanted to see.

Later that day, we went to winter wonderland which were happening in Hyde Park. Wonderful and we ate spanish cherros. No tivoli or something like that without cherros. I found those dog signs and wanted to buy one for my parents, so they have that in the door. Also because their dog is a labrador and is really just a spoiled one.

We went back to out hostel and bought food from a store called Wasabi. I bought a sushi bowl. Really tasty, but alsothe only healthy thing I got from that trip.

Day 4: the afternoon tea

We went out shopping again, because of what happened on our 2nd day. We bought more things.

Afterwards we took a nap, because we shared room with 16 other people and at least 4 of them were snoring. We went out and she have told me a lot about the afternoon tea. We went to a café called Caffe Concerto, which is probably italian. We ordered and there were a three layered plates. In the bottom you would find sandwiches, the middle layer were scones and the top layer were small cakes. The scones are not like you would see them if you're danish. It's not a chokolate bun, but a sweet muffin formed bread, which is served with something there's a mix between whipped cream and butter and marmelade with strawberry flavour. Very delisious and again I will strongly recommend it, if you never have tried it before. But if you give it a try, please, go there with empty stomaches. Because you will leave there, with a filled stomach and unable to eat dinner.

Day 5: going home

The day we would be returning to Denmark, we needed to check out at 10am, but our flights were in the evening, so we had a lot of time to kill. So we went and looked at the streets, which were nearby the hostel. We found a minor marked where they sold food. But the line were so big, that we didn't even bother.

We took the underground to the liverpool street station and gave up our cards and needed to pay. 5 pounds more. We left with the train to Standset airport. We stood in line and found out our big luggages were weighting 5kg more that it were supposed to. We moved all the chocolate and cookies and what we had which were packed in and not opened. We went 5kg down for moving the sweets and we went in. We flew back to Copenhagen and went home.

I started the day after my internship again, so it were straight back to the real life.

I know these pictures might not be tempting you to go to London, but I think London is a city, which you need to experience yourself. It's an amazing city, and I'll be going hopefully again in October or November this year.

And my two siblings (my twinsister and my bigbrother) are going in March and in May and I got asked about the underground by both of them and gave the map to my sister and I hope I get it back, so I can give it to my brother.

See you around!

the next travel I will be writing about will be Berlin, Germany

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Probably many knows already about using something else than just simply potatoes as fries.

Root vegetables are easy but also more variations of tastes. I use them mainly to avoid the potatoes starch, since it’s kinda seen as unhealthy.

- Root vegetables mix
- thyme
- sea salt
- garlic
- olive oil

How to do:
- cut out the root vegetables and put it in a bag or on the backing plate.
- pour a bit of olive oil and mix so the vegetables are coated.
- press the garlic and add it to the vegetables together with thyme and salt.
- bake it in the oven on 200 in hot air for 15-25 minutes, depending on how you want them.

Bon appetite! 



Formentlig mange ved allerede om at bruge noget mere end blot kartofler som pommes frites.

Root grøntsager er nemme, men også flere variationer eller smag. Jeg bruger dem hovedsagelig til at undgå kartoffelstivelsen, da det er lidt så usundt.


- Root vegetables mix

- timian

- havsalt

- hvidløg

- olivenolie

Hvordan man gør:

- Skær rodfrugterne ud og sæt den i en pose eller på bagpladen.

- Hæld lidt olivenolie og bland så grøntsagerne er overtrukket.

- Klem hvidløgene og tilsæt det til grøntsagerne sammen med timian og salt.

- Bages det i ovnen på 200 i varm luft i 15-25 minutter, afhængigt af hvordan du vil have dem.

God appetit!

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The salad is actually inspired by a keel salad from the cooking book ‘salattøzen’.

I normally just mix something together when it comes to a salad, but eventually you grow tired of it and tries something new. I have used this salad some times when I got a nice and delicious beef, but you can also eat it just as it is, which is good when you don’t wanna eat meat al the time.

The recipe for one person:
- One leaf from white keel
- 1 dl of peas
- 1-2 dl of sunflower seeds (it’s mostly to your liking)
- handful of spinach leafs
- sea salt or salt flakes to your liking

How to do:
- cut the keel in small pieces.
- roast the sunflower seeds on a pan.
- wash both spinach and the peas.
- put it all in a bowl and mix well.

Simple and easy.

Bon appetite!

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English below

Note: Dette er også mere hvad jeg prøver på at undgå, som måske kan hjælpe jer lidt. Og så har jeg det et sted, som jeg kan finde frem igen, som ikke er på papir eller andre steder. Plus tag jer endelig ikke af hvad der står, det er mere eller mindre hvad jeg har fået at vide osv.

Det er seriøst noget alle får at vide spis sundere, træn jævnligt osv. Men hvor mange ved så hvad de skal undgå at spise? Vi tager det mest indlysende til at starte med og slutter af med, hvad du måske ikke vidst?

nr. 1 Slik, chips, popcorn, kage sodavand

Alt dette er det mest indlysende af hvad du ikke må spise. Derimod kan noget af det erstattes, såsom chips, der kan erstattes med kålchips. De er relativt meget nemme at lave, da det kun kræver kålen, salt og olie. Kagen bliver meget svært at erstatte, da det indeholder ufattelige mængder af hvad du ikke må få. Stevia kan du godt bruge, men vil derimod ikke anbefale det.

nr. 2 Kartofler, ris og pasta

Alt dette indeholder stivelse. Dog spørg mig ikke hvorfor at du skal undgå dette, men det siges at have en okay god effekt på folk. Jeg overholder ikke denne endnu, fordi jeg skal først skille mig af med ris, men jeg har hørt, at man skulle få mere energi af, at droppe disse tre også.

nr. 3 Brød

Igen er det pga stivelses indholdet. Nu tænker du også på, jamen så tysser vi til rugbrød. Faktisk indeholder det også stivelse. Men jeg stopper dig ikke i at spise det, fordi selv spiser jeg rugbrød. Det er sundere end hvidt brød, så bare bliv ved.

nr. 4 Fedt

Generelt tror jeg, at det der er tale om når folk snakker om fedt er det: fedtfede kød, smør og magerine (staves måske forkert). smør og magerine kan så godt erstattes med olie. Og hvis det eksistere i Danmark, så kan du også godt prøve dig frem med mandelsmør. Fedtfede kød derimod tænker jeg mere, at man prøve så godt man kan at fjerne det meste af fedtet på kødet, fordi kød indeholder en god mængde af protein, som du skal bruge for at danne dine muskler.

nr. 5 salt

Salt tænker man meget er en smags forstærker til mad, men i denne sammenhæng via en pro træner fra USA, mener at du skal så vidt som muligt undgå salt. Salt gør et eller andet ved din træning som åbenbart ikke er godt. Jeg bruger ikke så meget salt mere, men der er enkelte tilfælde hvor jeg bruger det. Hvis du ikke spiser salt, har jeg hørt, at du kan på en eller anden måde smage, at der er salt i tingene.

nr. 6 Alkohol

Desværre er den vilde festliv nød til at være på standby. Jeg forstår godt at man gerne vil afsted og ærligt talt, jeg gør det stadig. Men her skal man tænke på konsekvensen der er, hvis du siger at du drikker dig fuld. Det siges at du går hele tre uger tilbage af din træning og den kan jeg underskrive. Jeg havde kun selv trænet i tre uger og jeg drak mig fuld og mit resultat var væk. Fest gerne i ny og næ, og et glas vin skader ikke.

Dette er min måde at jeg prøver at holde mig fra. Hvem ved, måske har du lige pludseligt flere ting du kan strege fra din liste. Det er ikke dyrt at leve sundt, men det kan koste dig dyrt hvis du lader være i forbindelse med vægttab.


Note: This is also more what I try to avoid, which may help you a little. And then I have a place that I can find again, which is not on paper or elsewhere. Plus, you do not finally understand what it says, it's more or less what I've been told, etc.

It's seriously something everyone gets to know eat healthier, work regularly, etc. But how many people know what to avoid eating? We take the most obvious thing to start with and end with what you may not know?

No. 1 Sweets, chips, popcorn, cake of soda

All this is the most obvious thing you can not eat. On the other hand, some of it can be replaced, such as chips that can be replaced with cabbage chips. They are relatively very easy to make as it only requires cabbage, salt and oil. The cake is very hard to replace as it contains unimaginable amounts of what you can not get. Stevia can be used, but does not recommend it.

No. 2 Potatoes, rice and pasta

All of this contains starch. However, do not ask me why you should avoid this, but it is said to have an okay good effect on people. I do not adhere to this yet because I have to get rid of rice, but I've heard that you should get more energy from dropping these three as well.

No. 3 Bread

Again, because of the starch content. Now you're thinking too, well, we're cheating on rye bread. In fact, it also contains starch. But I do not stop you eating it because I myself eat rye bread. It's healthier than white bread, just keep on going.

No. 4 Fat

In general, I think that when people talk about fat it is: fatty meat, butter and magerine (spelled maybe wrong). Butter and magerine can be replaced as well with oil. And if it exists in Denmark, you can also try it out with almond butter. Oily fat, on the other hand, I think more that you try to remove most of the fat on the meat because meat contains a good amount of protein that you need to form your muscles.

No. 5 salt

Salt thinks you are a great enhancer for food, but in this context via a pro coach from the United States, you think you should avoid salt as far as possible. Salt does something about your workout that is obviously not good. I do not use so much salt more, but there are some cases where I use it. If you do not eat salt, I've heard that you can taste some salt in some way.

No. 6 Alcohol

Unfortunately, the wild party has to be on standby. I understand that you want to go and frankly, I still do it. But here you have to think about the consequence that is if you say you drink yourself full. It is said that you go back three weeks back of your workout and I can sign it. I had only trained for three weeks and I drank myself and my result was gone. Feel like again and again, and a glass of wine does not hurt.

This is my way I try to abstain. Who knows maybe you suddenly have more things you can line up from your list. It is not expensive to live healthy, but it can cost you expensive if you are in connection with weight loss.

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Low carbonara

This recipe is from the very popular LCHF (low carb, high fat).

The very delicious dish is so easy to make and yet almost only one portion is enough for a person.

I actually prefer this version of carbonara than the original pasta carbonara. I think it is because the pasta carbonara is getting boring to eat faster than the low carbonara.

So thumbs up and a clap on the shoulder to you for making this recipe.

But here you go!


1 cauliflower
1 squash
3 carrots
1 onion
3 dl heavy cream
2 eggs
Parma cheese to your liking
Salt and pepper to you liking.
200g bacon

not all people can eat cheese, but I believe you can skip it. And if this Parma cheese is expensive, then you can use another cheese, as long as it's for cooking.
For the cheese part I actually used pizza topping cheese.

How to do:
Cut out with mandolin iron all the greens except onions.
Cut the onions out in small pieces.
Cook the bacon on a pan and remember to safe the fat from it because you will use it to cook the onions.
Cook the onion and when the onion is cooked cook the rest of the greens.
When cooked mix in a bowl the heavy cream, eggs, cheese, salt and pepper and but it in the pan.
Cook till the mix have thickened and it's done.

Bon appetite!

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Heathy avocado salad.

I saw the recipe of this one in a cooking book and I do believe it were from lchf. 

I manipulated a bit when I made it because the original recipe says bacon. But I am trying my very best to eat as vegetarian (or some sort of vegetarian) therefore I use daily fish instead. 

If you're vegan, you can cut of the meat part and just eat the salad as it is. 


1 avocado 

2 handful of leaf salad

2 tomatoes

1 onion

2 tbsp lemon juice

200 g tuna 

For extra greens I recommend pepper and carrots. If you're not vegan try adding mozzarella cheese it turns out tasty.

How to do:

Cut the avocado in squares and the same goes for the tomatoes. If the leafs of the salad are small, put them in as they are but if they are big do cut them into long small pieces.

Cut the onion in half and cut them the two halfs into smaller C? (Just The shape like a C. It's confusing but I hope the picture can quide you a bit.) 

Put in the tuna and pour the lemon Juice on top and mix them well.

Bon appetite! 

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Healthy banana/protein pancakes.

This recipe contains eggs so if you're vegan, my apologies for a recipe you cannot use.
It's a flowerless recipe and falls a bit heavy when you eat.


2 banana
200 oatmeal
2 eggs
1 egg white
1 spoon of vanilla protein powder. (You can also use cookie and cream protein powder)

Oil for cooking

How to do:
Blend the oatmeal into flower and put in all the other ingredients.
Heat up a pan with oil and put on the dough. (Use either a spoon or something to take the dough)
When it's gotten brown, flip and wait till it also got brown and take it off the pan. Repeat the progress.

You can eat it just like this or you can put something on top.

Bon appetite!

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I finely finished my queen of hearts and attended a competition. I won the best wig.
Truth to be told, I am very happy that I got it. My friend and I were hugging after I came down from stage. We were both looking at each other and thought that the chances that I won the price might have been high since the wig is styled as it is.

I have been working on the costume for more than a year and the dress didn't fit me because it were for my sister at first and then she said she didn't want it anymore because it got so expensive. Now I owe her 3000kr for the costume because of the amount of fabric and detailing stuff. Truthfully it's more like we're even since I have spend more than 200 hours on it.

The costume contains over 6000 rhinestones, over 2000 beads, 7 embroidery techniques and over 40 meters of ribbon.

The crowd went into silence because they were in shock of how huge it were. Also my team Queen got me in the dress in 5 minutes.
Yes it is me and again to state it, I am a man, but when I do this I confuse people for being a woman.

Next cosplay is Ewan Juno and Time.

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Hello there

Well are you surprised just as I am? That a(nother) guy entered the Nouw blog? Well here I am in my full skin

I started this blog just to share my personal oppinions about fashion for men, Life styles, my hobby and more or less the personal stuff. It might not be the most personal things since I intent to keep some of them a secret.

About me?

Well I am 23 years old dude called Chris. I am raised in a small town in Denmark, but now as many other bloggers I live in one of the worlds most expensive cities, Copenhagen. I am a student. I study to become a tailor/costume designer, but the clothing designer is not closed for options, since I make some of my own clothes beside making costumes. To be well aware when I write I might be direct or so that it can be disturbing for some people, which is not what I intended to do, therefore I am very sorry if I do so. I see myself as a nerd and everybodys friend and easy to talk to. And yes, you can talk to me about guys I will not start with opinions, but later on just 'say what I think'.

My blog will be when I travel (it's rare), when I have new reciepes either drinks or food. I will share about my work on clothes and costumes when I finish something. Complains I have a good friend and family to go to, so nothing much will happen here. Boring... I know I am very sorry for that.

I don't know what else to write after all I did drink 4,5 glasses of rosé wine meanwhile I thought about what to write.


Welcome to my blog, do leave I like if you think it sounds interesting. 

Oh yeah now that I remember. I left my facebook page and instagram here on my page, so do go follow if you also think it will be interesting. The facebook is more costume related than blog related.