Took some cute photos of Tupac and eminem today! ☺️

They're extremely good at not running away from the camera to be honest, I'm surprised.
Tupac is the biggest pussy ever.

I'm so happy to have my camera again!
I'll probably post a lot of pictures from now on!

Now I'm going to continue to play a bit with my boyfriend before we go to bed! 👾

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I thought I wasn't going to blog anymore on this one but I changed my mind.

Today has been a wreck I guess.
I can't believe how this keeps happening to me.
I'm not going into detail because I can't even be bothered anymore!
I just really wish that the mental health care actually worked for once for me at least, but I don't think it'll ever happen at this point.

So tonight I'll probably just be in bed, trying to prepare myself for hell.
I'll probably be in the bed the whole weekend even, I just can't function without my medicines that I don't have now because of the statement I made above.
It's a shame.😰

Hope y'all are having an amazing weekend though!

I had to input these adorable pictures I took of eminem and Tupac aswell. 😍🐀



People say money can't buy happiness, but it does.
If I were rich I would have a great life.

Why does everyone focus on money?
What happened to happiness? Love?

Today I obviously woke up way too early for myself to handle.

Have you ever had severe anxiety?
I've had it for more than a year now.
I'm struggling everyday and every second it feels like nobody understands how I feel.
And what hurts the most is that no one can.
Because yes, a lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety.
But we are all individuals.
And everyone reacts to it differently.

I'm weak.
But I still fight.
I'm not sure if I have something to fight for now though.

To be honest I'm confused.
I'm hurt.
Not because of someone else only.
Because I destroy things I love.

Have you ever felt like you can't cope without something?
It can be anything.

Clearly everyone is right when they say love is a drug.
And I'm too addicted to it.

Ta mig till kärlek ta mig till lycka.
För jag börjar tömmas.

I miss you so much aswell My babies.
And im sorry that i left you.



I'm not feeling life right now at all to be honest...
But I'm staying positive!
Everything will be ok eventually if you want it to be and stay strong and fight for it!

I haven't done anything today besides changing the bed sheets. Lazy day everyday. 😰

I'm also taking out my dreads.
I'm going to have short hair for a while because I'm so frustrated about how the hair turned out. Fuxck.

Anyway positive vibes and thoughts!
I'll be in the bed watching Mean Girls for the rest of the evening.




All the models, all the youtubers, the really pretty girls on instagram that you see and wish you looked like.

They probably feel the exact same as you!

It's became a norm to look a certain way and that's sad.
I say, why can't we go against that?
Who is to tell us if we are pretty or not?
Too skinny, too fat.

Screw THAT!

I look in the mirror and think about my flaws aswell.
And I've come to the question

Is what you don't like really that bad?
Can you not turn it into something good?
Of course!

The ugly parts of us are not ugly, they ARE

Would you really want to change how you look?
Because we should be proud every moment that we are unique.

We overthink.
Don't do it!

Be happy and be happy with YOURSELF!

I think you are all beautiful.



Sketching on my sleeve.
Though I won't be able to get it until years ahead because I can't afford it... 😂😭

I'm drawing some ideas for it and then I'll let them fix it up a bit when I get it done, since this isn't really that good to be honest.

I wish I could just get ALL the tattoos!!



I'm dyeing my hair green next week! That's gonna be exciting.

I've put in more extensions in my hair aswell, and I love how it looks. 😍

I took some so cute photos aswell of Eminem! My rat obviously, I wish it was the real one.

New piercing aswell! I finally took the time to use my piercing stuff to get a new piercing.
I love it!

I need to wait now until I can put in a ring instead of the labret.
I know the pic has a ring though, its because I put in a ring first when I pierced it, but it didn't heal properly so I changed to what I should've put in in the beginning.
This is how it will look later though!
But with just a normal metal coloured ring.




All your flaws, embrace them!
Your flaws does not make you any less worthy, beautiful or bad in any way.

But most of all, they make you you.
You're unique.
We are all beautiful in our own way, that's what makes us so special.

Don't ever tell yourself you're not good enough, you're better than good enough.

Whenever you think about something you don't like about yourself, think about that just that thing, a lot of other people love.
That thing you don't like, makes you beautiful.

You are loved, you matter.



Todays outfit picked out by my boyfriend 😂

I also ate pizza for dinner today, it was yummy as hell.
Im gonna chill in bed now and draw while I drink my coffee and listen to Netflix in the background.

I'm probably - maybe - going to play some Diablo 3 later or just fall asleep and die, idk.
I catched a cold a few days ago and it's at it's worst point right now ugh.